Exploring Types Of Work-Related Injuries – Do You Qualify For Worker’s Compensation?

After notifying a supervisor of the accident, the best thing an injured employee may be able to do is reach out to a workers comp lawyer NY injured employees turn to for help. Work-related injuries are commonplace in all occupations, from construction workers to office clerks. However, how the injured employee responds to the accident may impact what happens afterwards. Swift action can be vital in work-related accidents, as there is a limited timeframe in which an employer must be notified.

Work-related injuries can take many forms. Some can even be serious enough to cause you long-term pain and lifestyle changes. Taking a closer look at the work-related injury you suffered from and how it impacts your future may help determine the worker’s compensation benefits to which you are entitled. A workers comp lawyer NY provides may be able to help evaluate your specific injury.

Head Injuries

Head injuries could cause permanent brain damage, which, in turn, could affect your ability to think and function. Any workers comp lawyer in NY knows disfiguring scars left behind from an accident can cause long-term emotional and physical pain. Common kinds of head injuries resulting from work-related accidents can include:

  • Concussions
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Skull Fractures
  • Facial Fractures
  • Facial Lacerations

Neck and Back Injuries

In addition to being painful, surgery may be necessary to repair work-related neck and back injuries. Even after surgery, it is not uncommon for someone to experience a lifetime of pain, numbness, and/or a partial loss of certain functions. Some of the more typical neck and back injuries a workers comp lawyer NY residents consult for help filing a benefits claim include:

  • Whiplash
  • Herniated Discs
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Broken Vertebrae

Amputation or Crush Injuries

For an employee who works with heavy and/or dangerous machinery daily, work-related injuries could result in total loss or seriously damaged limbs. One accident could result in a mangled arm, leg, finger, toe, hand, or foot. Depending on the severity of the injury, amputation may be necessary. Depending on what is being amputated, you will likely be disabled – to some degree – for the rest of your life. This partial disability could limit your ability to work or take the ability away completely. Any time a work-related injury results in a long-term disability, you may need a workers comp lawyer NY residents trust to try to prevent the disability from ruining your life.

Soft Tissue Injuries

A NY workers comp lawyer would likely tell you to report all work-related accidents to your employer immediately after they happen. This is true even if you feel as though you haven’t been significantly injured. Soft tissue injuries, for example, are not always apparent immediately following an accident. In fact, it may take days for you to start to feel pain or other symptoms. Part of the problem with soft tissue injuries is they are not visible. These are injuries that involve tearing or stretching your tendons, ligaments, or muscles. When these types of injuries do not get immediate medical attention – which is common for people who do not realize they are hurt – the injuries may result in long-term problems.

If you’ve suffered from a work-related injury, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation. Reach out to a workers comp lawyer NY employees turn to when they need someone on their side today at (718) 804-5836.