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What are common causes of workplace accidents?

Employees get hurt at work every day, as a New York workers comp attorney can attest. These accidents usually occur if an employer has failed to keep the workplace safe. While many of the injuries that result from these injuries are minor, some are life-threatening. Let’s take a closer look at the common causes of workplace accidents:

1. Poor lighting

A workers comp attorney in New York may have worked with clients who slipped and fell at work because of poor lighting. If there isn’t adequate lighting in the workplace, employees may have trouble seeing where they’re going and fall. It’s important for employers to have sufficient lighting in all areas of the workplace and to fix broken lightbulbs immediately.

2. Hazardous materials

Employees who work around hazardous materials must be extra cautious. If these materials aren’t handled properly, they can result in burns and other serious injuries. Workers must be properly trained on how to use these hazardous materials and follow all safety rules. Injuries can be avoided if workers wear safety goggles, gloves, and other safety gear while working around these materials.

3. Workplace violence

Unfortunately, some workplace accidents are caused by violence, as a New York workers comp attorney could confirm. Employees may get into disagreements about various issues and try to use physical violence to solve them. Incidents that involve violence at work might not be covered under the employer’s workers compensation policy, so an injured victim might have to pursue other legal action to get compensated.

4. Clutter on the floor

Employees can also get hurt at work if there is clutter on the floor. To prevent trip and fall accidents, employers must practice good housekeeping. If they have a cleaning professional pick up around the workplace regularly, there will be fewer hazards.

5. Fatigue

Employees have an increased chance of getting injured at work if they are tired. If they have worked too many hours in a row or have not gotten enough sleep, they may lose focus and hurt themselves on the job. Employees who work in overnight shifts may be especially susceptible to fatigue on the job.

6. Vehicle crashes

A New York workers comp attorney may have also assisted workers were injured in vehicle crashes on the job. Employees who have to drive a vehicle for work are at risk of getting into accidents. It’s crucial for employers to ensure their workers are properly trained to operate a vehicle before letting them drive it.

7. Falling objects

If items on shelves are not properly secured, they can fall down and hit employees on the head. A New York workers comp attorney has likely represented clients who suffered serious head injuries from falling objects at work. Employers must ensure items on top of shelves are properly secured to prevent serious injuries in their employees.

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