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Uber Accident Lawyer New York

Uber Accident Lawyer New YorkWith the unprecedented rise of UBER, new issues have arisen when drivers are injured.  UBER, unlike traditional yellow or green cabs or livery cars, is completely an online service.  The driver gets his or her directives via a cell phone app, he or she is also paid via that same app.  In order to obtain compensation benefits you must be logged on to the UBER application when you are injured.  Another variable, that makes a significant difference, is that when a driver is paid by UBER, a deduction is made specifically for Workers’ Compensation coverage.  Thus, each driver should be covered if they are injured while on duty.  Only, it isn’t that simple.  The steps a driver must take after they are injured on duty are vital, to their claim being handled in an efficient and timely fashion.  If you are injured while driving for UBER, the following is a list of steps that should be taken:

1)      Report the accident via e-mail to UBER, as soon as possible.  In that e-mail specifically ask which UBER base you are assigned to.  This is very important, to avoid a claim being controverted or denied. UBER operates multiple bases, filing your claim with the correct base is necessary.  Save and print all e-mails sent and received.

2)      Seek medical treatment immediately.

3)      Call our office.  It will be necessary to provide your attorney with the correct base that you operate out of from UBER. UBER operates multiple bases, filing your claim with the wrong base or with UBER directly will lead to a delay in benefits.

4)      Also, if you were working any other job at the time of the accident, make sure to let your attorney know that as well.

5)      Save all the information for the trip when the accident happened and all of the trip information or the day of the accident.

Filing a claim as an UBER driver can be a confusing process, our office can make the process easy and efficient, and get you benefits as soon as possible.

Client Review

“Justin was amazing for me. Walk me threw the step of how everything works start to finish and just made me feel comfortable. Also got me a lot of money. Had to throw that in. If anyone looking for a good attorney for comp this would be the place. Thanks buddy for everything!”
Vinny Verderosa
Client Review