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On the Job Injury Lawyer – New York On the Job Injury Lawyer New York 

The wrist pain has gotten worse as the months have gone on. You’ve tried over-the-counter measures, but nothing is working. Symptoms you thought were temporary seems to be settling in. When you finally go to the doctor, you are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. This chronic condition is treatable, but it may be something you are either forced to live with or get a surgical intervention to alleviate. Your doctor suggests that your job may be the thing that caused the condition to develop in the first place and it is undoubtedly making it worse. Is this type of injury covered under workers’ compensation insurance? An experienced New York on the job injury lawyer from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. can clarify your specific situation. Chances are that you are entitled to these benefits unless certain narrow restrictions apply. 

Alert Your Employer

When your doctor diagnoses you with a repetitive injury, like carpal tunnel, you should alert your employer. This will help start the workers’ compensation claims process in earnest. If your job requires you to use your hands all day, such as typing or assembling items on an assembly line, treatment and lost work days resulting from the carpal tunnel may be covered by the company’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Your doctor will help you qualify your job as the source of the issue. Other repetitive motions may include:

  • Rotator cuff strains
  • Tennis elbow
  • Lower back strains

If you do not feel comfortable reporting your injury to your employer due to fears of retaliation, wrongful termination, etc. please let your New York on the job injury lawyer know about your concerns.

Provide Relevant Documentation From Your Doctor

It may be beneficial to provide your employer with the doctor’s medical report. Doing so may kickstart the claims process and fast-track any medical benefits allowed by the insurance company. Sometimes the workers’ compensation adjuster may want you to undergo testing with a different facility or medical provider to verify the diagnosis. It is partially for this reason that you may benefit from contacting a New York on the job injury lawyer before you file any workers’ compensation paperwork. Our firm is highly knowledgeable about the workers’ compensation claims process in New York and can help to make sure that you don’t take any unnecessary steps or have your claim bound up in red tape. 

Once your carpal tunnel claim is accepted, the carrier may refer you to a treating physician. This person is designated as the primary source of medical advice and treatment for your condition. Therapy and other interventions, such as prescription medication, may be dispensed by the treating physician and paid for directly by the carrier.

Leave the Claim Open for the Future

A carpal tunnel claim may remain open. Because the condition is progressive and tends to flare up, even with therapy, it may require ongoing monitoring, treatment and rehabilitation. If your case is severe enough, surgical intervention may be necessary. A carpal tunnel release is often a final option in providing relief. A carpal tunnel release may require you to be out of work for an extended period. If this is the case, the workers’ compensation insurance should also pay you temporary disability benefits.

There are times when a repetitive injury requires you to change positions within the company or careers ultimately. Consulting with a New York on the job injury lawyer may help you to take advantage of all legal options and benefits currently available to you.

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