Workers Comp Attorney Queens NY

Workers Comp Attorney Queens NYBy the time you’re ready to call a workers comp attorney Queens NY residents recommend, you probably already know that getting hurt at work can cause a radical change in your daily life. You are in pain, you may be unable to go into your job, you have mounting medical bills, you think you may need additional treatment, and on top of it all, you have to worry about whether your workers compensation claim is being handled properly. If that sounds like you or your loved one, call a Queens workers comp attorney from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. Our law firm has been representing people just like you and helping them get a fair shake from their employers (and workers compensation insurance companies) for over 25 years.

You may be saying, “I don’t need an attorney to file a workers compensation claim.” You are right. You can file a workers compensation claim with your employer on your own. However, an experienced, competent workers comp attorney Queens NY has to offer may be able to help you in many important ways, including:

  1. They Know the Law: Your employer is likely required by New York law to carry workers compensation insurance on some or all of its employees. The workers compensation law of New York not only likely requires employers to cover you in the case of a workplace accident, but also sets out guidelines for employees. This could include rules regarding how you need to file your claim and what kind of compensation you may recover. You can find this information by doing your own research, but there is no replacement for the years of experience of a qualified workers comp attorney Queens NY offers. Attorneys, like those at Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C., have likely seen cases just like yours. They may know how to file your claim, what kind of proof you will need to substantiate your claim, and what kind of compensation you may be entitled to receive
  2. They Know How to Advocate: Your employer is probably not your best advocate. Every workplace accident may increase their workers compensation insurance premiums. Your employers’ insurance company is certainly not your advocate, either. They may try to pay as little on your claim as possible as part of their business model. Having a seasoned advocate on your side may be helpful during negotiations or hearings. The attorneys at Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. are zealous advocates for our clients and we work hard to make sure our clients get a fair result.
  3. They Work for You: Filing and pursuing a workers compensation claim can take time away from work, your family, and your recovery. Hiring a workers comp attorney Queens NY can provide may help take the burden from your shoulders during this stressful time. They may be able to help you gather paperwork, file your claim, talk to the insurance carrier and your employer, and generally provide the support you need. You will sleep better knowing that you have a competent and caring workers comp attorney in Queens NY on your side.

Call or email Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. today to set up an initial consultation about your claim and learn more about what we can do for you. Prioritize getting back on your feet; hire a workers comp attorney Queens NY employees trust to handle workers compensation claims.