NY Workers Compensation Attorneys

NY Workers Compensation Attorneys

Following an on the job injury, you might feel concerned about how you will pay for your bills if you are unable to work. Thankfully, New York has created a broad set of laws and rules that help injured workers. If you were injured while working, or suffered a job related illness, the NY workers compensation attorneys at Polsky Shouldice & Rosen PC, can help you to explore your legal options. Apart from filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, it may be possible to file a third party personal injury claim. Although this type of claim is only pursuable when certain factors apply, it is a good idea to ask experienced NY workers compensation attorneys to review your case.

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How a Workers Compensation Attorney in NY Will Help You

In order to file a strong, undeniable workers compensation claim, you will want to be able to prove, without a doubt, that the injury happened while at work, and/or because of your job. Although this might seem easy, it’s not always straightforward. In fact, this step in the process is one of the most difficult to prove to the insurance company. Failure to convince them can result in a denial of a claim, and a lengthy appeals process. If you choose to retain the NY workers compensation attorneys from Polsky Shouldice & Rosen PC, you can reduce this scenario from happening. Your attorneys can help you to:

Gather Evidence

A broad spectrum of evidence will need to be submitted in the claim or appeal. The evidence may include:

  • Medical records
  • Doctor’s statements
  • Vocational documentation
  • + More

If you do not submit these things, your claim will likely be denied. Should this happen, you can re-submit them in the appeals process; however, they will need to include legal arguments.

As respected NY workers compensation attorneys, we, at Polsky Shouldice & Rosen PC, can ensure your medical information is completed, but at the same time, does not include any more details than necessary.

Seeking Medical Treatment

It may be possible that you will need to ask your workers compensation lawyer in New York to help you receive medical care while you wait for your benefits. Polsky Shouldice & Rosen PC, has relationships with various physicians in the NY area, and who frequently assist our clients. We are happy to guide you through this selection process so that you get the treatment you need.

Independent Medical Exam (IME)

Sometimes the insurance company will ask you to undergo an IME from a third party doctor, or you might opt to do this on your own. IMEs are heavily weighted by the insurance company as the doctor will make an opinion about your condition and recommend a course of treatment. Whether you’ve been asked to undergo an IME or you wish to do so to better prove your claim, you should have the NY workers compensation attorneys from our firm helping you with this part of the process.

Ask a Workers Compensation Attorney in New York For Help

If you would like help for your workers’ compensation claim, you’ve been denied, or you just don’t know what to do after being injured at work, please call the NY workers compensation attorneys from Polsky Shouldice & Rosen PC today.

Time Limits for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Dealing with a situation that requires you to file a workers’ compensation claim can be extremely stressful and potentially complex depending on the type of injuries or illness you’ve acquired due to a work-related incident. Every state has different rules and filing deadlines when it comes to submitting a workers’ comp claim and reporting the incident to your employer. These deadlines are incredibly important to be aware of and meet because by missing them you could be forfeiting your rights to compensation.  One of our NY workers compensation attorneys can help you file your claim on time. 

Whether you work for a business or hold a federal job, state and US federal laws can vary quite a bit. Generally, you want to take care of these matters as soon as possible. Speaking with one of our NY workers compensation attorneys can help to ensure your claim is submitted correctly, on time, and that you do everything right on your end to increase your chances of obtaining the coverage you deserve.

Report Injury or Illness to Your Employer

The first thing you should do as soon as you possibly can is report the incident to your employer. Make sure they know you were hurt while working. This is one of the requirements that most states have and this usually must be done at least within 10 to 90 days of the incident. If you’re unsure of your state’s laws, NY workers compensation attorneys from our firm have that information

File Your Workers’ Comp Claim

In many states, you are then required to file the claim through the state-run workers’ compensation agency or the private company your employer uses. In some states, the employer will do this. Time limits for this step range from one year, up to six years, but in some cases of severe or permanent injuries or illness, there are no deadlines. There are also some exceptions to the deadline rules, such as if you’ve had a coma for an extended period of time, or you had such serious injuries or illnesses that you needed intensive and long-term treatment or surgeries.

Cumulative Injuries

If you have injuries or illnesses that have developed after years of toxin exposure, excess strain on certain muscles, or continuously causing further damage to parts of your body that were previously injured, it is recommended that you file a claim within the year that you first get medical treatment for the damage. 

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