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NY On The Job Injury LawyerNY On The Job Injury Lawyer

If you were injured on the job and are seeking workers’ compensation, you may have noticed someone is stalking you. If it’s the insurance company of the party you’re seeking workers’ compensation from, they can survey you within certain boundaries of the law. The following outlines legal surveillance tactics and what you can do about them. For more detailed information, contact a New York on the job injury lawyer from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C.

What the Insurance Company Is Allowed to Do

Insurance companies have to protect themselves from the false claims they receive every year. Instead of blindly paying out on every workers’ compensation claim that comes their way, they often take to surveillance tactics to ensure your claim is legitimate. Once they determine it is legitimate, their surveillance will typically cease. Although you may feel like you’re being stalked, some tactics they are allowed to use under the law include:

  • Running a background check on you
  • Sitting on public property outside your home to watch you
  • Taking videos and photographs of you outdoors
  • Browsing your social media accounts
  • Following you to medical appointments
  • Asking medical providers to evaluate their surveillance footage
  • Talking to your neighbors and other regular associates

Some tactics they are not allowed to use under the law include:

  • Forcing their way into your private property or residence
  • Taking videos and photographs of you in private settings
  • Bugging your phone
  • Recording or monitoring private conversations as a third and uninvited party

What You Should Do

If you feel someone is watching you, don’t just assume it’s the workers’ compensation insurance company. There’s a chance you truly are being stalked and you wouldn’t want to fall into that situation. When you notice someone watching you, contact your NY on the job injury lawyer. A legal professional can determine whether or not it’s the insurance company. If it’s not, you should contact the authorities immediately.

If the individuals following you are associated with the insurance company, you can do a few things to protect your personal information. First, go through your social media account settings and be sure everything is set to private mode. Second, ensure your NY on the job injury lawyer requests and receives all the surveillance reports. Third, don’t act secretive but don’t act cocky. Just live your life so the insurance company representatives can see that your claim is valid.

Getting in Touch with a Lawyer

A NY on the job injury lawyer is an important part of proving your case. Whether you feel you are being watched, stalked or surveyed, contact an attorney today so you can determine what to do next in obtaining the compensation you deserve.

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