New York On the Job Injury Attorney New York On the Job Injury Attorney

Most employers are legitimately concerned with the physical safety of their workers. Yet, even the most conscientious and invested employers may understandably blanch when they view the cost of certain pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE). Depending on the nature of the job being performed, the cost of PPE can be astronomical. And yet, it is critically important that employers take worker PPE seriously and do not “skimp” when it comes to ensuring worker safety. Not only can a failure to provide adequate PPE result in high workers’ compensation premiums/payouts and citations/fines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, it can result in the injury and even death of workers. In addition to the lawsuits that could potentially be filed in the wake of injurious and/or fatal accidents, knowing that you have allowed your workers to suffer preventable harm is a reality that could haunt you forever. If you have questions about PPE, do not hesitate to contact a New York on the job injury attorney before it is too late.

Why PPE Matters

Failure to provide adequate PPE can lead to worker safety concerns and job satisfaction problems. As a result, you could start losing your best workers to your competitors if you don’t take proper measures to keep your current employees safe. Similarly, inadequate PPE could hurt your profits if your company becomes the subject of higher workers’ compensation premiums/payouts, fines, lawsuits and/or a downturn in your share of public/customer goodwill.

When it comes to proper PPE, the initial costs may be significant, but they can pay off in the long-term. Happy, safe workers will likely lead to a more productive, effective and efficient work environment. Workers who feel cared for are more likely to perform their jobs well and with a minimal amount of distraction and waste. As a result, when thinking about the costs associated with protecting your workers, it is important to think about the long-run and not just a short-term bottom line. It is for this, and many other reasons, why you should seek legal guidance from a New York on the job injury attorney if you are unsure of what kinds of PPE you need to provide your workers.

If you employ women or any workers with disabilities, it is important to ensure that their PPE is properly fitted and accommodating. If you fail to take these reasonable measures, you could be held liable in the event that these workers are injured in an accident. Not every piece of PPE fits every worker. Taking body type, gender, disability and other variations into account will help both you and your workers stay safe into the future. Too often, employers only contact a lawyer when an accident has occurred. But proactively consulting with a New York on the job injury attorney could help you prevent legal liability and accidents in the first place.

Legal Guidance Is Available

If you are either an employer concerned about the practical and/or financial realities of providing for worker safety or you are a worker who has sustained injury or illness as a result of your employer’s refusal to provide adequate PPE, please do not hesitate to consult with a New York on the job injury attorney about your legal rights, obligations and options. It is important not to make assumptions about your situation before speaking with an attorney as the area of law concerned with worker safety is complex and constantly evolving. Your options may be more varied and flexible than you might perceive at first glance. The legal team at Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. can help you to sort them out and can provide guidance and support moving forward.