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Construction Accident Lawyer Queens NY

Construction Accident Lawyer Queens NYHave you been injured on the job during a construction accident? Then you’ll need a worker’s compensation lawyer from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen PC to help you with the aftermath. An injury from a construction accident can be hard to deal with. If you need a slip and fall accident lawyer, a worker’s compensation lawyer, we have a lawyer that can help you navigate the court system and make sure you get what you deserve. There are many steps to fulfilling a worker’s compensation claim that a Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen PC lawyer can help you with, including filing a civil suit under the correct premises, and filing your claim with the employment company as well as your insurance company.  If you have a serious injury that prevents you from working to your full capacity, you are entitled to worker’s compensation from your employer to help you pay for lost wages and your amounting present and future medical bills. Even if you are an undocumented worker, you still have rights under New York law. A worker’s compensation lawyer can get you money for your construction accident injury, whether you are a documented employee or not.

Common construction accident incidents that require a worker’s compensation lawyer are dangerous falling objects, machine and equipment related injuries, electrical fires or exposure to chemicals. These incidences occur most commonly because of poor employee training, ineffective safety precautions, unmarked hazards, and poorly maintained worksites. You can get workers compensation for on the job injuries, and the injuries that result from these incidences are usually but not limited to brain and head injuries, loss of hearing or eyesight, neck and back injuries, and damage to or loss of a limb. Worker’s compensation can help you pay for all of your medical bills including prescriptions, physical therapy, and travel expenses to and from the doctor. Worker’s compensation can also help you pay for your lost wages during your time of injury and recovery so that you don’t have to worry about your impending bills.

Many people wonder if an additional lawsuit can be attained along with a worker’s compensation claim. The answer to this is sometimes, but usually not. If there is a circumstance outside of the employment company’s control, then perhaps someone else may be held responsible for your construction accident resulting in the need for a worker’s compensation lawyer.

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If you were hurt in a construction accident, contact a worker’s compensation lawyer from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen PC as soon as possible, but not before you seek medical help and notify your employer. Especially if you need workers compensation for repetitive stress injuries, do not wait to report your injury, or schedule a doctor’s appointment, as your safety and health should come first. Also any hesitation in notifying your employment company, and seeking medical attention could make it harder to prove the validity of your injury. A Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen PC worker’s compensation lawyer can help you with your construction accident injury claims, and get you back on track.

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