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Workers Compensation Benefits for Emergency Services

Workers Comp Lawyer Long Island

Workers Comp Lawyer Long IslandEmergency services personnel, whether paid or volunteer, are entitled to benefits for injuries sustained in the line of duty. These benefits are governed by the Worker’s Compensation Board. Whether at the station, training or during an alarm, if you are injured in the course of carrying out your duties, you may be entitled to compensation. Volunteer firefighters and ambulance personnel do not receive a paycheck for their dedication to their communities, getting injured while volunteering can put a significant stress on your life, both personally and financially. Benefits include weekly monetary compensation, medical coverage for all injuries related to your line of duty injury and possibly monetary compensation for permanent injuries. Some examples are responding to alarms in your personal vehicles, assisting at an emergency outside of your jurisdiction, and maintenance work to prepare equipment. It is important to speak with an attorney to evaluate your case, as you may be entitled to not only compensation benefits, but you may be entitled to sue if injured due to the negligence of a third party.

We know and appreciate the risks associated with emergency services, as attorney Justin B. Lieberman, has over 15 years in the volunteer fire service and was an Emergency Medical Technician working on ambulances as well. We have extensive experience in representing emergency personnel such as police, volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers, to protect their rights and obtain the most compensation they are entitled to for their dedication in protecting and serving our communities.

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