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Queens NY On The Job Injury Attorney

Queens NY On The Job Injury AttorneyAn experienced Queens NY on the job injury attorney understands that there are some injuries workers sustain that go beyond just the pain and recovery from that injury. Although the law is set up in order to provide benefit from workers for lost income and medical expenses for their work-related injury, there are some injuries which go beyond that and often leave permanent damage to the victim. These injuries are referred to as disfigurement and scarring injuries. New York workers’ compensation law allows a Queens NY on the job injury attorney to seek special damages for their client for these types of injuries.

Types of Scarring and Disfigurement Injuries

There are many types of injuries which can cause scarring or disfigurement and a Queens on-the-job attorney can explain what kinds of injuries would fall into that category. There are some scarring or disfigurement injuries which could totally prevent a worker from performing their job duties, while other injuries may only cause a partial prevention. There are also injuries which can cause the victim significant emotional anguish. Some of the types of scarring or disfigurement injuries that an on the job injury attorney in Queens NY may be able to collect damages for the injured worker include:

  • Amputation of a finger or toe;
  • Amputation of a limb;
  • Burns;
  • Damage to facial nerves;
  • Damage to nerves which causes limited use of limbs;
  • Damage to the eye, including cornea or retina;
  • Lacerations; or
  • Loss of an eye or ear.

The Claims Process

Injured workers should contact a Queens on-the-job injury attorney immediately after being injured. Although there are strict reporting requirements of injured workers under both state and federal laws, the worker’s compensation benefit process can take time. This is where a Queens NY on-the-job injury attorney can ensure that everything legally possible is being done to not only expedite your claim, but to make sure you are receiving the amount of damages you are entitled to based on the severity of your injuries.

The benefits for these type of work-related injuries are often awarded in a lump-sum payment, however, there are situations where the payments may be spread out over an allotted amount of time. It is important to note that when it comes to scarring and disfigurement injuries, the laws and regulation can be complicated and do require the experience of an on-the-job injury attorney in Queens NY to oversee the process.

Let a Queens NY on the Job Injury Attorney Fight for You

If your work-related injury has left you with a scarring or disfigurement injury, you may be suffering from not only physical pain, but also overwhelming emotional difficulties due to the damage the injury has left. Contact the skilled attorneys at Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen. We are happy to discuss your case in detail during a complimentary case evaluation. To schedule an appointment with a trusted Queens NY on the job injury attorney, contact us today at (718) 804-5836 or fill out a contact form from our website.