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On the Job Injury Lawyer – Long Island, NY On the Job Injury Lawyer Long Island, NY


Did you recently suffer an injury on the job? Even if you have health coverage through your employer, you may be entitled to additional financial compensation related to your injury. If you are eligible, you should consider filing a workers’ compensation claim. This benefit could come to your rescue if you incur heavy medical bills from treatments, medications, surgeries or rehabilitation and/or you lose work days due to your physical symptoms. Before you proceed in this direction, it’s important to make sure you’re eligible for coverage. An experienced Long Island, New York on the job injury lawyer from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. can help to clarify your legal options and walk you through any claims process you may be eligible for. 

You’re an Employee

In order to file a workers’ compensation claim, you generally must be considered a current employee of a company that has workers’ comp coverage. If the company for which you work has no such plan or you are classified as an independent contractor (as opposed to an employee), you should consider speaking with an experienced Long Island, NY on the job injury lawyer about alternative compensation options. Eligibility does not necessarily require that you are a full-time employee. Part-time and seasonal employees may also be eligible to receive these benefits. However, if you are working for the company on a contract or freelance basis, you will likely not be eligible for this specific compensation. However, a Long Island, NY on the job injury lawyer can help you determine whether you have grounds for a personal injury claim or suitable legal alternative. 

You Were Injured at Work

Workers’ compensation is generally only applicable if the injury you suffered occurred while you were performing assigned work duties. You don’t have to be working in the office during the time of the incident to get coverage. For example, many employees work from home, and these workers are still entitled to coverage if they get hurt while working. Also, if you leave the office to make a work-related delivery or pick-up, and you get into an accident, you are eligible for workers’ comp. Injuries that occur outside of normal work hours but during company functions such as parties or conferences also are eligible. On the other hand, if you get injured on your work to or from work, or as you’re going to lunch, you likely can’t get workers’ compensation coverage but may be able to work with a Long Island, NY on the job injury lawyer in order to receive damages in another way. 

What Caused the Injury?

If your employer was at fault for your injury, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether you’ll be covered. However, in some situations, you can still be eligible even if the incident was your fault. For instance, mistakes in judgment that lead to injuries can still get you coverage. Exceptions would be if you were using alcohol or drugs, if you hurt yourself on purpose, or if you were engaged in horseplay.

If you fit into these categories, you should be able to successfully file a workers’ compensation claim with the assistance of our firm. Report the injury immediately (if you feel comfortable doing so) and speak to a Long Island, NY on the job injury lawyer about how to proceed.