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How do I deal with an injury that occurred at a friend’s house?

Sometimes, accidents can and do occur while on the property of another, or at the home of a friend.  How do you deal with such an awkward scenario?

You may have been injured on an ATV on their property, their dog may have attacked your or knocked you down causing injuries, you may have tripped over a board on the deck, or you may have cut your hand on a protruding object.  All of these accidents can cause serious injury and hospitalization, but it’s your friend!  How do you deal with this special situation?

How to discuss your injuries with your friend

In the event you are injured while at a friend’s house, the first thing you need to do is determine whether you need immediate medical attention.  If you do, you call 911, call for an ambulance, or have someone take you to the hospital for treatment.  Even if it’s not an emergency, and you believe something isn’t quite right medically, you need to get checked out.  It’s not necessary to discuss who’s responsible for your injuries.

Homeowner’s insurance coverage

People carry homeowners insurance coverage for this very reason.  If someone is injured on their property, even if it appears to be no one’s fault, the coverage is there for these very situations.  If you’re hurt on someone else’s property, is it fair that you pay for this out of your own pocket?  Absolutely not.  Plus, if you are injured, and your personal health insurance policy covers the medical expenses, they may unilaterally seek subrogation (reimbursement) from the homeowners insurance carrier.

Talking to your friend about your claim

All of the above-information is important to discuss with your friend when you are facing medical expenses to be paid.  You should ask your friend for the name of his or her homeowners insurance carrier and be sensitive to the fact that you are not “going after them” personally for your injuries.  You simply don’t want to have to pay out of pocket for your injuries, since it was not your fault.  Further, it’s their homeowners coverage, rather than their personal funds, that is in place for this very reason.  Once you obtain the name of the homeowners carrier, you can contact them directly and make a claim.  Once the claim has been filed, the homeowners insurance will open a claim file, and they will be able to do the rest, and you won’t have to discuss this particular issue again with your friend.

For these reasons, it is imperative to hire a veteran litigator and experienced personal injury lawyer Little Rock AR who has been involved in filing homeowners insurance claims in personal injury cases for years.