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Workers Comp Attorney NY

Workers Comp Attorney NY

A workers comp attorney NY residents can count on may act as a valuable legal resource to help you get maximum compensation after being injured while working. For over 25 years, Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. has been diligently fighting for people’s rights. No matter the cause or extent of the injury, if you’ve suffered from an on-the-job accident, we want to hear your story.

As an experienced NY workers comp attorney, we understand the stress you might be experiencing. Pressure from your employer or insurance company to settle without legal representation could add to these trying times. However, it is your right to get just compensation.

How Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. Might Assist You

When you contact our law firm, we’ll discuss the basic details of your claim and let you know what your legal options may be. If you hire our firm, one of our lawyers will let you know what you can expect and answer any personal questions you may have.

Technically, you have the option to file your own workers comp claim. However, anything that is outside of the standard claim, or that has special circumstances or associated disputes should be overseen by a workers comp attorney in NY. In addition to properly filing a claim, an attorney might also help you:

  • Examine your case in further detail
  • Find medical doctors to offer a second or third opinion on the extent of any injuries
  • Appeal any denials of your workers comp
  • Assess any possible legal options (i.e. lawsuits) in relation to your claim

To find out more, please contact a workers comp attorney NY offers for a free consultation.

When a Workers Comp Attorney NY Might Be Advisable

Reaching out to an attorney can be a challenging decision to make, especially if you fear backlash or retaliation from your employer. As difficult as these emotions can be, it is your legal right to receive compensation for an on-the-job injury or illness. Talking to one of our attorneys is completely free and confidential. We are ready to give you the support you need.

It’s Our Goal to Get You Maximum Compensation

A workers comp attorney NY respects is very familiar with the coercion, tactics, and pressure insurance carriers and employers may attempt to use against you. When you have a lawyer on your side, you won’t have to worry about being taken advantage of or misled because you fail to understand the legal process or terminology being used. As we navigate your case, we aim for maximum compensation that covers medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Workers Comp Attorney NY

Workers comp claims must adhere to the statute of limitations, which can vary state to state. If you let your claim go until the last minute, you risk having your case dismissed. To get started, contact Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C., a workers comp attorney NY offers, by calling (516) 594-0909.

Work-related injuries can be incredibly damaging, so if you’ve recently been injured on the job, you might want to search for a workers comp attorney NY has to offer. Work-related injuries and illnesses can happen at any moment and can affect workers in all industries. Whether you’ve experienced a severe bodily injury during an accident, or you’ve developed an illness as a result of your job, you may be entitled to collect workers compensation benefits.

The workers compensation program can seem very confusing for those who haven’t made claims before. Workers compensation policies are intended to protect workers who have sustained injuries on the job, but these policies can seem so complicated that workers are not always able to collect the payments they deserve. Talking with a workers comp attorney NY residents trust may be the best way to learn the details about workers compensation benefits, In the meantime, here is a brief introduction to what workers comp entails:

  • Workers compensation policies are often likened to insurance plans. The majority of employers are required, by state laws, to pay for a workers comp policy. There are a small number of businesses that may be exempt from state-mandated workers comp plans.
  • These plans provide financial benefits to employees who have been injured during a job-related task. There is one major reason why workers compensation benefits employers andemployees: when an injured worker collects workers compensation benefits, he or she is not allowed to file a lawsuit against the employer.
  • The workers comp benefits that an injured employee receives can depend on the injury or illness sustained. Many factors are considered before awarding compensation payments to an employee, as an experienced workers comp attorney NY can provide might attest.
  • Workers in certain industries may face greater risks on the job, and therefore may comprise the majority of workers compensation claims. Construction workers, for example, often work in dangerous conditions. However, workers in virtually every industry could sustain injuries or illnesses while at work. It’s common for a workers comp attorney in NY to counsel clients who work in offices and have sustained repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Even when a claim is denied, it still may be possible to file for an appeal. The appeals process can be quite lengthy, but it may provide another opportunity to collect evidence and testimonies to prove a case.

Speak With a Workers Comp Attorney NY Residents Can Recommend

If you believe that your work-related injury may qualify for workers compensation — or if you’ve already submitted a claim and it has been denied — contact Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. today. Our firm is dedicated to serving communities throughout New York and we’re passionate about protecting clients who have been injured at work. Our four locations throughout the city make it easy to find a NY workers comp attorney in your neighborhood.

To speak with one of our attorneys, call our firm today at (516) 806-5359. We’re happy to schedule free case evaluations with individuals who wish to discuss their situation in detail with an experienced legal professional. At Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C., we’re proud to give each of our clients a workers comp attorney NY trusts during difficult workers compensation cases.

Eye Injuries

Any workers comp attorney NY has to offer may tell you that your eyes should always be protected when you are welding due to the hot materials you are working with, so you shouldn’t have to worry about something burning your eye. However, the risk to your eyes doesn’t end there.

Years of welding on the job can cause eye strain that may lead to vision problems. As a welder, you must keep a steady focus on the bright sparks and lights, which can cause severe damage to your eyesight over time. Your NY workers comp attorney may be able to help you determine if your workplace was safe enough to prevent your injury, or if you were at risk while on the job.

Toxic Fume Injuries

The welding process can’t happen unless metal is melting. This conversion process emits gases into the air that are dangerous to inhale or get into your eyes. Unfortunately, protective eyewear won’t always keep you safe from these emissions.

Breathing in the toxic fumes may cause respiratory problems that lead to short term illnesses and even permanent, long term damage. Whether you are injured for the short term or the long term, a workers comp attorney in NY may be able to help you obtain benefits.


Burns are the most common injuries that welders sustain because of the constant high temperatures they have to work with. The severity of the burn can vary from minor pain to debilitating pain, disfigurement, or even death. You may be injured by the hot materials, or if a spark causes a workshop fire.

If you are burned on the job, you may have medical bills and time off of work that you need help dealing with. An experienced attorney NY workers turn to may help you move forward with your workers’ compensation claim to get your life back on track.

When you’ve been injured on the job due to welding, you may need someone you can trust on your side. Call a workers comp attorney NY residents turn to to discuss your case at (718) 804-5836 today.

Welding Related Injuries

Welding injuries should be taken seriously because they are all too common, and can even lead to death. The Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) reports that four out of every thousand welders die due to welding related injury. This risk to workers is high, which is why you may want to know the workers comp attorney NY is proud to have fighting for its community.

Do You Need Workers Comp Attorneys NY Offers?

When you’re hurt on the job, one of the first things you probably want to know is if you need to hire workers comp attorneys NY workers trust to help you with your claim. That’s understandable because workers compensation can be a difficult process and you want to put your best foot forward in order to increase your chances of being compensated. Call Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. for your free case evaluation today at 718-804-5836.

Don’t Represent Yourself in These Situations

While hiring workers comp attorneys NY residents rely on might not be the first thing you want to do, in some situations, early action could be very beneficial. Workers compensation cases can be tricky and you might end up hurting your case if you don’t have proper legal counsel.

You may need legal counsel if:

  • You don’t receive your benefits promptly.
  • Your employer denies your claim.
  • The settlement offer you receive won’t cover your lost wages and medical bills.
  • Your injury prevents you from resuming your job or working at all (partial or permanent disability).
  • You receive any Social Security disability benefits.
  • Your boss or employer retaliates or punishes you for filing a workers’ comp claim.
  • You may have a third-party claim due to someone’s negligence.

In any of the above cases, you might want to make an immediate call to workers comp attorneys NY workers turn to. The above situations might complicate a workers compensation claim even further and require someone who understands the law to fight for what you deserve.

Remember, your attorney is here to help you navigate the tricky path of the workers compensation system while making sure you get the benefits you deserve. This includes making sure you fill out all paperwork on time and properly as well as helping you build your medical evidence files that documents just how you’re injured so the workers compensation authorities have a clear picture of what’s going on.

Now that you have a better idea of why you may want to hire a workers compensation lawyer, give us a call. The workers comp attorneys NY deserves are here to take your call at Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. when you call 718-804-5836 today.

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