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Welding Related Injuries May Qualify You for Workers’ Compensation

The Attorneys at Polsky Shouldice & RosenThe injury risk for welders is higher than average, so it’s important to be aware of what injuries are possible and when to consult a workers comp attorney NY turns to for help if you work in an industry that uses welding. Welding injuries can range from a minor burn, to severe and long term damage. If you’ve suffered a work-related welding injury, the team at Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen may be able to help.

Welding Injuries Are Common at the Workplace

Welding injuries should be taken seriously because they are all too common, and can even lead to death. The Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) reports that four out of every thousand welders die due to welding related injury. This risk to workers is high, which is why you may want to know the workers comp attorney NY is proud to have fighting for its community.

Eye Injuries

Any workers comp attorney NY has to offer may tell you that your eyes should always be protected when you are welding due to the hot materials you are working with, so you shouldn’t have to worry about something burning your eye. However, the risk to your eyes doesn’t end there.

Years of welding on the job can cause eye strain that may lead to vision problems. As a welder, you must keep a steady focus on the bright sparks and lights, which can cause severe damage to your eyesight over time. Your NY workers comp attorney may be able to help you determine if your workplace was safe enough to prevent your injury, or if you were at risk while on the job.

Toxic Fume Injuries

The welding process can’t happen unless metal is melting. This conversion process emits gases into the air that are dangerous to inhale or get into your eyes. Unfortunately, protective eyewear won’t always keep you safe from these emissions.

Breathing in the toxic fumes may cause respiratory problems that lead to short term illnesses and even permanent, long term damage. Whether you are injured for the short term or the long term, a workers comp attorney in NY may be able to help you obtain benefits.


Burns are the most common injuries that welders sustain because of the constant high temperatures they have to work with. The severity of the burn can vary from minor pain to debilitating pain, disfigurement, or even death. You may be injured by the hot materials, or if a spark causes a workshop fire.

If you are burned on the job, you may have medical bills and time off of work that you need help dealing with. An experienced attorney NY workers turn to may help you move forward with your workers’ compensation claim to get your life back on track.

When you’ve been injured on the job due to welding, you may need someone you can trust on your side. Call a workers comp attorney NY residents turn to to discuss your case at (718) 804-5836 today.

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