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At Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. our Workplace Injury Lawyers in Rockville Centre have represented many clients just like you who were injured because of work. During a workers’ compensation case, you will have to sign forms in order to file your claim. What happens if the insurance company approaches you with forms to sign? Keep in mind that there are forms that you definitely should not sign in order to protect your best interests. If you aren’t sure what documents to provide a signature for, you should always consult with a lawyer first.

Should You Sign Medical Record Release Forms?

The insurance company will need to obtain medical records in your case. These have to be relevant medical records that relate to your treatment and the injury obtained at work. They are not supposed to ask for any other medical records.

Now, if you receive a blank medical release, our New York Workplace Injury Lawyers in Rockville Centre may suggest not bothering to sign it. Contact the insurance company and ask for a specific release that complies with HIPAA. It must be limited to the medical records involved with the case. The medical release form should include a description of the information disclosed, the date when the disclosure form becomes invalid, the name of who the disclosure is made and the name of the physician that can disclose the information.

Our Workplace Injury Lawyers in Rockville Centre, NY advise not signing any medical records release forms that allows the insurance company, your employer or the attorney for your employer to speak with your healthcare provider. You should never give permission for them to speak with your doctor or any other physician treating your injuries. The only reason that an insurance company will want to speak with these people is so that they can damage your case.

Should You Release SSA Information?

If your employer or the insurance carrier asks you to sign a release that authorizes them to access information from the SSA or Social Security Administration, then you have the right to turn them down. While there may be some circumstances where you can turn it over, especially if you are negotiating a settlement and a Medicare Set Aside, most of the time, you do not want to sign over that information.

Should You Answer Questions?

Be careful what you say to the insurance carrier and your employer. The insurance carrier may hire investigators to ask you questions or to dig around your case to find out if there are any holes in your case. Make sure to speak to our NY Workplace Injury Lawyers in Rockville Centre before you decide to answer any questions. 

If you are currently dealing with a workers’ compensation claim and are overwhelmed with paperwork, don’t hesitate to contact our Workplace Injury Lawyers in Rockville Centre, New York from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C today.