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Workers’ Comp Lawyers New York

Workers’ Comp Lawyers New YorkThe workers’ compensation process may be difficult to grasp, which is why the workers’ comp lawyers in New York from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. can help. You may not have needed to understand it until you find yourself in the hospital because of a mishap at work. Now that you need to tap into the benefits provided by the employer’s insurance carrier, you wonder what you can expect. Discover some of the ways workers’ compensation insurance is meant to help you recover with the help of New York workers’ comp lawyers.

Medical Care and Treatment

An injury or illness likely means you need medical treatment. One of the primary reasons workers’ compensation coverage exists is to ensure that employees who get hurt while at work have access to the medical treatment they need to recover. In many cases, the worker can choose what doctor to see and the carrier pays for the services directly. It is frowned upon for a carrier to force an injured worker to change treating physicians without a good reason. They may, however, request that you also attend an independent medical examination or IME with a third-party physician. This evaluator’s purpose is to objectively check on how effective treatment is and if changes in course are warranted. If a change in treatment is justified, the carrier may ask the employee’s treating physician to abide by the IME report.

Disability Benefits Pay Some Salary

While you are out on workers’ compensation, your life doesn’t come to a standstill. You still have bills to pay. What happens to your income while you are recovering? Workers’ compensation carriers may administer disability benefits if they believe your illness or injury is work-related. Even before the investigation is complete, they may start paying a portion of your salary, especially if the evidence seems to point to the accident being covered. The percentage of your salary paid by these benefits depends on state laws. Temporary disability payments are typically doled out at a lower portion, but on average, usually at a rate approaching or exceeding 60% of your regular salary. Permanent disability payments may be higher since the injury or illness was more severe. Speak with the trusted workers’ comp lawyers NY has to offer about disability benefits. 

Vocational Rehab

An injury to a body part may be too severe to heal completely. Most injuries result in some measure of permanent disability to that area. When this happens, an employee may not be able to return to performing the same job duties. The workers’ compensation carrier may offer something called vocational rehab. This is a retraining of sorts allowing the employee to return to the workforce in a different profession.

Speak with New York Workers’ Comp Lawyers Now!

A workers’ compensation lawyer can answer more of your questions about the process and the benefits you should receive. If you feel your company isn’t doing what is warranted, an attorney would know how to move forward. Call Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. to speak with one of the trusted workers’ comp lawyers in New York now.