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The Bronx On the Job Injury LawyerThe Bronx On the Job Injury Lawyer

If you’re considering filing a workers compensation claim, you may benefit with the help of the Bronx on the job injury lawyer with experience. Call us at Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. for a free consultation.

Laws that affect workers comp cases can vary depending on where your employer is located. This is why it might be advisable to discuss your circumstances with an on the job injury lawyer in the Bronx. Our attorneys at Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. have helped thousands of injured workers in all of the Manhattan boroughs.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Though you may have been injured recently while working at your current job, you may be wondering if your related pre-existing condition disqualifies you from benefits eligibility. Not necessarily. You may wish to speak with the Bronx on the job injury lawyer that workers recommend, but these general guidelines may be helpful to you.

When Current and Past Workers Comp Claims are Related

Claims can become complicated when pre-existing conditions are involved, but they’re even more complicated when past and present claims overlap. It’s often advantageous to rely on the experience of the Bronx on the job injury lawyer that you can hire.

  • If you injured the same body part in a previous workplace accident, your current workers compensation claim benefits may be reduced.
  • Your current employer will be responsible for paying your current medical bills related to your most recent workplace injury.
  • If your current injury has made it impossible to immediately return to work, your current employer will have to pay you temporary disability benefits.
  • If it becomes necessary to claim permanent disability benefits, you might only receive compensation for the increase in your impairment that is directly attributed to your most recent injury.
  • Though your injury may seem like a repeat of your previous injury, they may not actually be the same. If a doctor confirms this, you may be entitled to additional benefits. When working with the Bronx on the job injury lawyer you hire, you need to provide medical documentation for your case preparation.
  • Even if the pre-existing condition was not caused in your workplace and as such you never filed a workers compensation claim for it, benefits for the current injury will be based on how much the condition has worsened.

Pre-Existing and Current Injury Medical Care

If you are already receiving medical care for your pre-existing injury, you may need separate medical care for your recent injury, even if there is overlap between the two injuries. Because different insurance companies may be involved, they may have their own providers that they require you to use. This may not be convenient, but the only choice you have may be to pay for the additional medical care out of your own pocket. An experienced on the job injury lawyer the Bronx turns to in complicated cases can suggest possible alternatives.

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