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The Bronx on the Job Injury Attorney The Bronx on the Job Injury Attorney

A Bronx on the Job Injury Attorney at Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. has represented many clients who were hurt or came down with an illness because of their job. In particular, construction workers have an increased likelihood of sustaining injury due to the nature of the field. However, this doesn’t mean that construction companies can slack off when it comes to safety. In fact, these companies must take extra precautions and strictly enforce them to help reduce the number of workplace construction accidents.

When accidents do occur, the resulting injuries can be painful and impact the worker’s health for many years to come. That is where an on the Job Injury Attorney from the Bronx can step in, to help fight for your behalf because your employer or a third party was careless. 

Construction Accident Injuries

There are what seems like an unlimited number of ways that a construction workers can get hurt. If you have been harmed or been diagnosed with a work-related illness, then it is imperative that you get legal assistance promptly. It is crucial that you have a Bronx, NY on the Job Injury Attorney provide legal counsel if you need to file for workers compensation benefits, fight a denied claim, seek restitution from a third party, etc. The most common ways that construction employees suffer injury is due to:

  • Trench collapsing: if a trench falls, the worker could be cut off from sufficient air supply or get crushed under the rubble. 
  • Falling from heights: workers may have to do tasks from very tall heights, and if something goes awry they could take a serious fall. 
  • Electric shock: construction employees often have to work with power tools, generators, electrical wiring, and machinery that can cause serious burns or shock.  
  • Scaffolding collapse: a raised platform that is attached to the building so workers can reach high places, if not secured properly the scaffold may collapse. 
  • Repetitive motion injury: if the body is used to repeatedly perform the same movements over and over, the soft tissues and muscles can get worn, decreasing mobility and causing pain. 
  • Protective gear failing to work: manufacturers of protective construction gear may be held liable if a worker was injured because the product did not work as it should have. 

General injuries that can be caused from construction sites are burns, electrocution, eye injuries, broken bones, spinal cord damage, head injury, toxic chemical exposure illnesses, and knee or ankle injuries. If any of these injuries have happened to you in a construction environment, then you must meet with an on the Job Injury Attorney in Bronx, NY for advice on how to get the compensation needed to recover financially and physically from the accident. 

Our law firm can understand the toll that a construction accident can have on workers and their families. We offer free consultations for new clients, as a way for people to get to know us before deciding whether pursuing legal action is the route they wish to take. We will do everything we can to protect you and advocate for your recovery. Please call us today to book your appointment with a Bronx on the Job Injury Attorney from New York at Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C.