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Worker’s Compensation Lawyer NY

Tips for Preventing Deadly Crane Accidents on the Job

Worker's Compensation Lawyer NYAs a worker, you may already know construction jobs are dangerous, but do you know which New York workers comp attorney you will call if you’re injured at work? More importantly, do you know the ways that you can increase your safety and prevent accidents on the job? Being informed is the first step toward being safe.

Why Do Crane Accidents Occur?

There are a variety of reasons that crane accidents can occur. The most common causes are cranes coming into contact with power lines, mechanical failures, cranes overturning, and workers not paying close attention to the job. Fortunately, most crane accidents are minor and aren’t even reported. If you’ve been injured due to crane accident at work, you may want to contact a New York workers comp attorney to determine if you have a case.

How to Prevent Crane Accidents

A workers comp attorney New York has to offer may tell you that preventing a crane injury at work is your responsibility, but this isn’t entirely true. You should be properly trained and educated before operating a crane, and your employer should make sure you are prepared to do the task at hand. A workers comp attorney in New York may be able to help you determine if your employer’s negligence led to your injury.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Before you start the job, and while you are working in the crane, be sure that you are always aware of your surroundings. Check to make sure the crane is in proper working condition, and that it’s on safe ground. Watch out for any underground pipes or power lines. Simply by being aware of your surroundings at all times, you may avoid the need to contact a New York workers comp attorney for an injury.

Know the Safety Plan

Cranes have to be routinely inspected and well-maintained. If you are assigned to maintain the safety plan of a crane, make sure that you do it. If you are working in a crane that someone else is assigned to, ask them if the crane has been properly taken care of. These few steps can help you reduce your risk of accident and injury on the job. If you are injured due to lack of proper maintenance and inspection of the crane, you may want to call a New York workers comp attorney to learn how to proceed.

Be Aware of Training Needs

It’s essential that you are properly trained before working in a crane. Your employer should check all qualifications and training before hiring anyone, and should ensure that when someone gets in a crane, they know what they are doing. Additionally, other people on the job site that aren’t operating the crane need to know how to behave around a crane and what to watch out for. Everyone on the job site that comes near the crane should have proper training for the situation to reduce the danger.

Contact a Workers Comp Attorney NY can Trust

Unfortunately, following the advice and safety tips above won’t eliminate all risk of injury, but it may reduce it. If you are injured on the job because of a crane-related accident, call (516) 806-5359 to have a New York workers comp attorney at Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen evaluate your case today.