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Construction Accident Lawyers Queens, NYConstruction Accident Lawyers Queens, NY

Construction workers are at great risk for sustaining serious injuries while on the job, more so than in many other industries. Depending on the nature of your job, your eyes may be vulnerable to debilitating injuries that in the worst case scenarios could cost your eyesight and a lifetime of pain. Fortunately, many eye injuries are preventable with the use of proper eye protection. Construction accident lawyers in Queens, NY from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C., can help a worker receive the benefits and compensation they deserve for injuries sustained on the job, but preventing the injury in the first place is obviously preferable. Below are some tips and guidance about how the wearing of proper eye protection on the job can prevent serious injuries.

Looking at the Numbers

The statistics prove that eye injuries are common among workers, particularly those in the industrial sectors. However, the US Department of Labor reports that about 1,000 eye injuries occur across all workforce members. Nearly every job is susceptible to at least one of various forms of eye injuries. Among the workers who suffer eye injuries, about 40 percent work in the construction industry. Of that 40 percent, three out of five were not wearing eye protection at the time of the accident. If they had worn it, their injuries may have been less serious or avoided altogether. Experienced construction accident lawyers in Queens, NY have represented many clients who experienced these scenarios firsthand.

The Common Causes of Workplace Eye Injuries

The crux of most eye injuries is foreign matter that cuts the eye. Whether it’s an object, metal or wood slivers, dust, or sparks, it takes very little to profoundly damage an eye. A single, almost microscopic piece of matter can permanently damage a worker’s eyesight which underscores the importance of wearing proper eye protection. Construction accident lawyers in Queens, NY note that additional causes of workplace eye injuries include:

  •         Chemical burns.
  •         Welding burns.
  •         Nails or staples.

The Effectiveness of Safety Goggles

Safety goggles shield a worker from various sizes and types of debris that would otherwise impact their eyes. Goggles that approved for use by workers incorporates a hard and heavy duty plastic that is clear and still allows the user to see through them. Some types of safety goggles also protect the user from sparks, high temperatures, and chemicals. Certain workers such as welders require even more specialized goggles that can shield their eyes from the extreme brightness of a welding torch and the accompanying sparks. Goggles of this sort are usually built into a special helmet that helps protect the rest of their head. Welding goggles are so protective in fact, that they can effectively shield the eyes when the wearer looks directly at the sun.

Workplace Compensation Benefits

When a worker sustains an eye injury while on the job, under most circumstances they should qualify for workers compensation benefits to pay for medical treatment and a portion of the wages they are unable to earn while recovering. Whether or not you were wearing eye protection when you were injured on the job, if you were refused benefits, contact construction accident lawyers Queens, NY trusts from Polsky, Shouldice, & Rosen, P.C. to discover your legal options.