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How Construction Accident Lawyers Queens NY Can Help

The U.S. is dependent upon construction workers to build homes, buildings, roads, and more. Without them, the country’s infrastructure might face serious obstacles. These workers can be faced with harsh conditions and difficult tasks. In fact, between 2002 and 2012, up to 19.5% of workplace fatalities involved construction workers. As construction accident lawyers Queens NY provides, we understand the devastating repercussions of these incidents. Guided by our experience, zealous determination, and tenacious strategy, we will make every effort to achieve a positive resolution for our clients.

Causes of Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can happen for a broad range of reasons. The resulting injuries can be mild to moderate, severe, or life threatening. Sometimes, the accident results in a fatality. The reason for the high number of accidents is often attributed to the powerful tools, heavy machinery, and the dangers of the construction site. Enclosed spaces, high elevations, and even weather conditions can add to the risk. When safety is ignored, the chances of sustaining an injury can be heightened. Construction accident lawyers Queens NY has to offer may see a number of different causes; however, the following are considered to be the “fatal four.” These account for up to 64% of construction workers’ deaths:

Falls: In 2015, 38.8% of construction related deaths were attributed to a fall. One of the most common citations for construction sites in 2015 by OSHA involved actions that could lead to a fall. This includes unsafe ladders, scaffolding issues, and inadequate safety protection for workers. If you or a loved one has fallen on a site, construction accident lawyers in Queens NY can meet with you and provide a legal opinion as to whether or not you have a strong claim.

Being Struck by an Object: Up to 9.8% of workers are killed when they are struck by an object at a construction site. This might include metal or wood beams, moving machinery, or other materials.

Electrocution: Electrocutions account for 8.6% of construction related deaths. Faulty electrical components, bad wiring, or storms are often the reason for the fatality. Unfortunately, many of these deaths could have been avoided.

Caught In/Between: It can be very easy for a worker to get caught in between immovable objects, falling debris, equipment, or other material. Around 7.2% of people have died on a construction site after being crushed or caught in-between an object.

The fatal four statistics do not include anyone who might have been injured but did not die. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates these fatal four could be eliminated, but are hardly the only causes of accidents. Other types of accidents include:

  • Road accidents (i.e. being hit by a car)
  • Exposure to hazardous material
  • Burns
  • Deep cuts and abrasions
  • Loss of limb

No matter what type of injury happened to you or a loved one, you should call construction accident lawyers Queens NY trusts as soon as possible.


Construction accidents can be devastating and change a person’s life forever. Apart from the physical injury, mental issues like post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety are common. Discover your legal options by talking to Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. construction accident lawyers Queens NY respects by calling (516) 594-0909.