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Working From Home & Workers’ Comp

NY Workers Compensation Lawyer

Although the laws vary by state, workers’ compensation generally covers employees no matter where they handle business. This means that you can make claims for injuries sustained while working remotely. Here’s an overview regarding workers’ compensation and injuries that happen while being productive from home.

Qualifications for Work-From-Home Injury Claims

Injuries and illnesses are only considered eligible for workers’ compensation under particular circumstances. First, the impairment must have been sustained while the individual was officially employed. Second, the injury must be directly related to the work that was being performed. It does not apply if the harm was caused by unrelated environmental conditions. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help gather evidence that proves these requirements have been met.

Types of Work-From-Home Injury Claims

Technically speaking, there are no limits to the sorts of injuries that qualify for compensation. That being said, certain maladies are particularly common.

Repetitive stress injuries are frequently cited in workers’ comp filings. One example is carpal tunnel syndrome. Intense periods of typing are highly associated with this condition. Poor ergonomics are also a familiar culprit; sitting improperly for extended lengths of time can cause debilitating neck and back strain.

Slipping and falling is often a hazard, especially when living in a crowded residence buzzing with children or pets. Injuries that may result from a serious stumble include everything from sprains and scrapes requiring stitches to broken bones and concussions.

Work-related duties, such as meeting a client or purchasing supplies, may require you to hit the road. You could get into an accident while heading to your destination. If you are harmed in a crash that wasn’t your fault, there’s a good chance you are eligible for compensation.

Mental health is also covered. Your job might cause debilitating stress. Finding relief could require a combination of therapy and medication. There’s a link between mental and physical health, so your body might suffer along with your mood. Demonstrating a correlation between work duties and your condition can be a delicate matter. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney is best suited for this tricky task.

The moment you realize you have a claim for workers’ compensation, get in touch with a lawyer who specializes in the field. This professional can decrease the odds of denial and knows how to file an appeal if your claim is turned down. Reduce the fear of not getting what you deserve by having the right expertise on your side.

When considering legal representation options, consider locality. For example, if the work injury occurred in or near Brooklyn, NY, discuss your claim with a New York Workers Compensation Lawyer who is licensed and has ample experience representing clients in New York, such as Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, PC. A good local lawyer will have a complete understanding of local laws as they pertain to your claim, and will be able to apply this knowledge to best represent you.