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Workers Compensation Attorneys NY

Workers Compensation Attorneys NY

If you have been injured at work or are suffering from job-related illness, you may be considering retaining the services of one of the many workers’ compensation attorneys NY has to offer. However, you may also have found in your search for an attorney that there are countless workers’ compensation attorneys in NY from which to choose.

The workers’ compensation attorneys New York clients recommend at Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. have advocated for injured workers for nearly three decades. Our legal team understands how overwhelming and stressful these situations can be. Many victims are pressured by workers’ compensation insurance companies to settle for far below the amount that their injury or illness is worth. Victims may also feel pressured by their employer to quickly settle or face the threat of losing their job. What Happens If An Undocumented Worker Is Injured On A Construction Site?

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Tactics like these are illegal under the New York’s employment and labor laws. There are also other rules that employers and insurance companies are required to follow under the law when it comes to workers’ compensation benefits. Our legal team can ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive all the benefits to which you are entitled.

Some of the more common work-related injuries we can assist with include:

  • Construction site accidents: Construction sites are the most dangerous workplaces in the country, with almost 200,000 workers injured every year.
  • Repetitive stress injury: Performing the same motion repeatedly can cause injuries to muscles and other body parts.
  • On the job injury: Accidents happen every day to workers and they include machinery malfunctions, slip and falls, chemical exposure, and vehicle collisions.
  • Occupational illness: There are many dangerous substances or conditions that workers are exposed to every day and which can result in serious illnesses. Examples include asthma, cancer, and respiratory disease.

We Can Help You Receive Maximum Benefits

When you retain the services of one of the workers’ compensation attorneys NY victims depend on from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C., rest assured we can be by your side during the complex claim process.

Your attorney can assist you in the initial filing of your injury claim and make sure your weekly benefits begin on time and in full. Your attorney can also fight for compensation to cover the medical treatments you require.

Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. can also represent you during any workers’ compensation hearings. If necessary, we can also represent you in an appeal. Our firm’s goal is to obtain maximum financial benefits for the injury or illness you have sustained as a result of your job.

Job Security in the Wake of Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Some workers who get hurt on the job decide not to file a workers’ comp claim out of fear. They are worried about retaliation from their employer, namely in the form of termination. As illegal as this practice is, it may still occur in some situations. Explore the basics of termination in the face of a work injury and claim. 

Terminating a Contract Employee

Contract employees are not treated the same way as at-will workers. Contractors get hired for special projects or specific time periods. The terms of the employment contract should set out what would be considered a terminable offense. Workers’ compensation coverage may not apply to contract employees. Since the laws for coverage vary from state to state, a contract worker may find that they do not qualify for claims for a work injury. In general, if an employee gets hurt through the course of work, they are eligible for applicable workers’ comp benefits if the company is required to carry the coverage. A contract employee may be fired while out on long-term workers’ compensation only if the contract specifies that being absent from work for a set period qualifies as a terminable offense.

Terminating an At-Will Employee

Most companies employ at-will employees. People are hired and paid directly by the company for a certain number of hours every week with no end date. There are standards to which all at-will employees must adhere. An employee handbook with the punishment system for workers who do not follow the rules or conduct themselves according to company standards is provided when someone is hired. In this book are the reasons someone may face termination. Filing a workers’ compensation claim is not a fireable offense, and in fact, employees who are out on workers’ comp are protected by state and federal laws. However, someone out on workers’ compensation may lose their job if they have other underlying and qualifying offenses according to company rules.

Terminating an Employee Who Can’t Return

What happens to those employees who cannot return to work after getting hurt on the job? Some injuries are too severe and cause either permanent disability or leave someone unable to perform the same position due to physical limitations. In the latter instance, the employer must try to accommodate the employee’s work restrictions. The employee can be moved into another position or modifications to the current position can be made. If this can’t happen, either due to the nature of the work or permanent disability, the employer may sever ties with the employee.

The New York workers’ compensation attorneys can provide you guidance through the workers’ comp process. If you find yourself terminated after filing a claim, the attorney can act as your advocate.

Let One of Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys NY Trusts Help

If you have suffered a job-related injury or illness and would like to speak with one of the premiere NY workers’ compensation attorneys, contact Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. today. Our legal team has successfully represented many injured workers and obtained the maximum compensation possible for our clients.

Call a great option for workers’ compensation attorneys NY provides at (516) 594-0909 for your free case evaluation.


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