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5 Signs You May Need a New Workers Compensation Lawyer

Helpful Tips from Workers Comp Lawyers Queens NY Victims Rely On

Workers comp lawyers Queens NYThe workers compensation lawyer you hired may not be adequate to handle your case. Here are five indications that you may need to hire new workers comp lawyers in Queens NY:

1. The workers compensation lawyer you hired will not return your phone calls or emails within a reasonable amount of time. In all fairness, what constitutes a “reasonable amount of time” may be one thing to the client, and another thing to the lawyer. For instance, if the lawyer is out of the office in court all day and therefore cannot return phone calls until the following day, the client may feel that is unreasonable. However, for the busy attorney who has more than one client, it may be the best they can do. On the other hand, if the client has left a voicemail message and emailed the lawyer and not heard back within a week, that delay may be considered unreasonable. When you interview new workers comp lawyers in Queens NY, ask them how soon they generally return a client’s phone call or email. And, ask them how they prefer to communicate as one method may be result in a faster response from them than another method.

2. The workers compensation lawyer you hired constantly contradicts themselves. For example, if your lawyer told you that they expect to be able to negotiate a fair settlement with the workers compensation insurance carrier, but the next day they say they will not, then the next day they say that they will, but weeks pass and they continue to change their opinion, you might need to change lawyers. Another example: they carefully examined your case and decided on a legal strategy but then change that strategy many times and without any positive results; it may be time to talk to new workers comp lawyers in Queens NY.

3. The workers compensation lawyer you hired has made no progress after a reasonable amount of time. Again, what the client believes is a reasonable amount of time as opposed to the view of the lawyer may differ. Before you sign on the dotted line, ask them to provide an estimated timeframe as to expected results. They may not be able to nail down an exact date by when they will be able to resolve your case due to factors beyond their control. However, if a month has passed and they have not worked on your case at all, that could put you in danger of missing the statute of limitations deadline, depending on the state in which you live. If they have worked on your case, request that they provide you with information about what they have accomplished and the work that remains. That may give you a better indication as to whether or not you should consider switching Queens workers comp lawyers.

4. The workers compensation lawyer you hired has a conflict of interest with your employer or the workers compensation insurance carrier. If this is the case, you may have had no idea that was the case when you hired the lawyer. If they are unethical enough to knowingly have a conflict of interest, they probably won’t admit it. This scenario is unusual, but not unheard of. If at any time you feel that your best interests are not represented by your workers compensation lawyer, then by all means contact Queens workers comp lawyers who will fight for your rights.

5. The workers compensation lawyer you hired tells you that they cannot negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. If for whatever reason your lawyer believes they cannot negotiate a settlement amount which is fair in light of your workplace injury, you may have to find another lawyer. It’s possible that a law firm with more experienced workers compensation lawyers will have greater success on your behalf. After all, not every lawyer has the experience necessary to successfully handle a difficult case. At Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C., if the workers comp insurance carrier is unwilling to pay a fair settlement, we are willing to escalate the claim to a lawsuit.

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