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Work Related Injury Lawyer Rockville Centre Work Related Injury Lawyer Rockville Centre

It can be an incredibly scary event when you are going through a regular day at work then boom – something happens and you are injured. Many people do not know what to do after such an event occurs. You immediately go through the circumstances and wonder if it is your fault; additionally, you may consider the burden of medical bills in your future. Well, rest assured, the majority of work injuries and associated expenses are covered through workers compensation benefits. Almost all of the states in America, including New York, require businesses to maintain workers compensation insurance in an effort to protect the worker from the responsibility of hefty medical bills and to protect the employer from being sued. Having said that, there are some important steps that the injured employee should be sure to take in order to avoid his or her claim being denied. A work related injury lawyer Rockville Centre recommends the following:

Seek immediate medical attention.

Not only is it important to treat your injury right away in order to heal faster, the insurance companies may be suspicious of an injury that was not immediately attended to by a medical professional. In addition, it is important to tell any health care provider who treats you that it is a work related injury. It will be important to show proof of your injury as you prepare your claim for workers compensation.

Report the incident and fill out appropriate paperwork.

Each business has a system for incident reports and associated paperwork. It is necessary to alert your supervisor, manager, human resources, or other coworkers of the injury and document it immediately. This is usually a time-sensitive step in the process. Insurance companies are very picky about why and who they give money to. Any little mistake, like not documenting the injury, may compromise your claim.  

Find out which doctor the company prefers for continued care.

It is important to seek whatever immediate medical attention is available and appropriate for the injury sustained. However, it is imperative that you receive a list of approved doctors, from your employer and the insurance company for any follow-up care. Most workers compensation insurance plans state specific doctors that are approved. If you do not go to an approved doctor, you may get stuck with the medical bills.

Collect all documents pertaining to the incident and injuries.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to keep track of all medical procedures and bills that have accumulated due to the injury. That includes diagnostic tests such as x-rays, CT scans, MRI’s, and all other medical-related charges and paperwork. In doing so, you will provide yourself with proof of the injury and associated medical expenses that have accrued as a result. Even though your company may have workers compensation insurance, the insurance company will likely scrutinize the details of your claim. Your Rockville Centre work related injury lawyer will be need these documents to help protect your case.

Contact a work related injury lawyer in Rockville Centre.

It is common for people to settle on an amount that appears fair but as they go through the healing process, they quickly realize the amount they settled for does not cover all medical expenses. In hiring a work related injury lawyer Rockville Centre clients recommend from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. who understands the true cost of a work-related injury, you are essentially protecting yourself. Call our office today to find out how our legal team can help.