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What Happens if I Was Injured on a Cruise Ship?

Sustaining an injury on a cruise ship can be very scary. Because you may be out of the country and not have contact with people off of the cruise ship, it could be very traumatic to think that you may not get the help you need. However, after the accident, you are likely wondering who is liable. Is it your fault that you got injured? Could the injury have been prevented by members of the staff or the crew? If you believe that the accident you were in was the result of the cruise ship’s negligence and not your own, the burden of proof will be on you to show that it was not your fault. A good personal injury lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer in Wytheville, VA, knows that you are going through a difficult time and that recalling events that lead to serious injuries can be traumatic. However, they are there to help you with your personal injury claim and assist in gathering the evidence you need. To speak with an attorney about your accident, call an attorney’s office now. 

How can a cruise ship be negligent?

Certain accidents commonly happen on cruise ships that are the result of negligence on the part of members of the crew and not on the passengers. For example, because of the design of the cruise ship, slip and falls are extremely common. There are certain areas where slip and falls are more likely to happen on cruise ships, including:

  • Any of the decks that have multiple levels that can easily be tripped over.
  • The multiple sets of steep staircases that could cause tripping and falling.
  • Wet surfaces on the cruise ship from water features.

In addition to slip and fall accidents, other types of personal injuries may come as a result of open kitchens and hot areas onboard, accidents that happen as a result of water features, and even intentional assaults by crewmembers. Any of these could be the result of cruise ship negligence and you should speak with an attorney right away if any of these caused your injuries. 

When might a cruise ship not be responsible for my injuries?

There are certain times when you cannot expect the cruise ship to be liable for your injuries if an accident has occurred. For example, many cruise ships employ independent contractors. If an independent contractor hurt you in some way, it might be harder to say it was the cruise ship’s fault. Additionally, if you were injured during a shore excursion, you typically take on that liability or you would try to show how the employees with the shore excursion were at fault, not the cruise ship employees. 

After sustaining an injury on a cruise ship, it is important to have a consultation to see how an attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve if a cruise ship’s negligence caused you harm. 

Thanks to The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt for their insight into what happens if you are injured on a cruise ship.