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What can I Do While I’m Receiving Workers’ Compensation?

New York Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

A New York workers’ compensation lawyer, such as the ones available at Polsky, Shouldice, and Rosen, PC is going to be able to answer all of your questions regarding what you are allowed to do while you are on compensation.

However, when you were injured, and you were under workers’ compensation, your doctor is going to give you restrictions and a degree of your disability even if it is a temporary degree of disability. This means that any activities need to be consistent within those restrictions. Your physician and other medical providers that you choose that his physical therapist’s, are going to make recommendations of activities that you should avoid.

Oftentimes these activities will not just limit your work, but it will also be daily activities that you are suggested to avoid. If your provider does not make this clear, you should ask them for a list of recommendations for your daily life and work life that you should avoid. You should get this in writing.

This is important, because if you’re getting workers’ compensation insurance companies may be looking to dismiss your case. And if you are not following the recommendations set forth by your doctor, or you did not receive recommendations as set forth by your doctor, then they are going to be able to dismiss your case very easily.

You should talk to a New York workers’ compensation lawyer if you have any questions about recommendations by your physician or lack of recommendations from your physician. They are going to be able to help you acquire the use and ensure that you are doing everything as per these recommendations and are not self sabotaging your case.

Oftentimes if you have sustained a traumatic injury or had surgery, medical providers are going to tell you that you need to have temporary total disability. This is to ensure that you can recover fully. That means that in these instances, you should not undertake activities like lawn mowing, snow shoveling or is a goal and recreational activities such as baseball or bowling. This is because you are recovering, and if you choose to mess up your own recovery, you will not receive compensation for that.

But if you have something like a vacation plan prior to surgery, it would not be inconsistent to take that vacation, especially if it has been paid for. And use the vacation to recover.

When asking what you can do well on worker’s compensation, it can be very troublesome and if your doctor suggests that you want to have a partial degree of disability. This is because when you receive a degree of partial disability, the employer will not often allow you to return to work with restrictions. In workers’ compensation benefits can be reduced due to having a partial disability result, so you should talk to your workers’ compensation lawyer in New York about your case if you receive a partial disability diagnosis.