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Top Traffic Ticket Excuses to Avoid

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When people choose to fight a traffic ticket, they sometimes choose to represent themselves in front of the judge. Unfortunately, when they do this, they often have defenses that technically do not qualify as defenses. Here are the defense that you should avoid telling the judge on your court date. Instead, trust a traffic ticket lawyer to help you.

You Were Unaware of the Law

As far as the law is concerned, you cannot claim that you did not know the law. When you receive your driver’s license, you are expected to know all traffic laws. It is your obligation to remain up to date with changing laws and rules. If you forget a rule, you cannot calm that you did not know that it was a violation. Even if you honestly had forgotten or had never learned the new traffic rules, you cannot use it as a valid defense.

You Have a Good Reason

Your defense should never start off with a sympathetic story when it comes to traffic court. Remember, the judge has probably heard every sympathetic story that you can imagine. Even if you did have an emergency that required you to speed or maybe you want to try to get the judge to drop the charges based on sympathy, you should not count on that working. Your story is not a defense for breaking the law. If you want to defend your actions, then you need a proper defense that an attorney can help you with. Sympathetic stories are not defenses.

You Didn’t Hurt Anyone

Some defendants believe that the crime should be judged based on whether someone was hurt. For instance, say that you missed a stop sign and sped through the intersection. You reach the other side, only to be pulled over by a police officer. No accidents occurred and no one was hurt in the process. You may feel as though missing the stop sign wasn’t a big deal. After all, your actions did not cause any pain to anyone else. This is not a defense, however. The violation still stands and if you use this as a defense, you are essentially admitting guilt for the violation.

If you want to fight your traffic ticket, then you should strategize with a traffic lawyer, like from The Law Office of Mark T. Hurt. He or she will have experience fighting the types of cases that you are fighting. You do not have to come up with poor excuses that won’t win over the judge.