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Tips Your Workers Comp Attorney in Rockville Centre Wants You to Know

The Value of a Workers Comp Attorney in Rockville Centre

Workers Comp Attorneys in Rockville CentreYour workers comp lawyers in Rockville Centre want you to carefully follow these guidelines as you work with your workers comp attorney. The most important first step is to report your injury immediately. If you get hurt on the job and there is even the slightest chance that your injuries may require treatment, report them. Failure to report your injuries may mean your claim is denied. Generally individuals have 30 days to report work related injuries however the sooner you report them, the better.

Workers comp attorneys in Rockville Centre also suggest that you get the names and contact information of any witnesses. It may be important to have others verify that the injuries occurred at work. If you require medical attention, do not wait. Either visit a physician or an emergency room as soon as possible. Workers compensation lawyers in Rockville Centre know that sometimes insurance companies will question the severity of your injuries if you do not seek medical attention right away.

Be sure to clearly explain to both your employer and health care provider exactly what happened. Describe what happened clearly and accurately, and remember to be consistent. Your insurance provider or your workers comp lawyer in Rockville Centre may request that you sign a limited medical authorization. This is a reasonable request and simply allows the provider access to records of your medical treatment surrounding the injury. The insurer may request that you give them a tape recorded statement. It is best to always avoid giving these type of statements. If pressured to give one, consult your workers comp attorney in Rockville Centre for more advice.

Contact a Workers Comp Attorney in Rockville Centre

Finally, be sure you are attending all of your medical appointments. Do not skip or miss appointments. Insurance companies may assume that your injuries are not very severe if you do not go to your appointments. If you have any problems receiving the benefits that you are entitled to, contact a workers comp attorney in Rockville Centre. Workers comp lawyers in Rockville Centre will be able to assess your individual situation and determine the potential for a case.