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New York workers’ compensation lawyerNew York Workers’ Compensation Lawyer


For employees injured at work, employers must offer workers’ compensation benefits, as a New York workers’ compensation lawyer can explain. Workers’ compensation is a program that can be beneficial to both employers and employees. Through workers’ compensation, an employee may be able to obtain financial support for medical treatment and lost wages. In some cases, injury sufferers may need the assistance of a New York workers’ compensation lawyer like Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. It can be difficult to manage a workers’ compensation case on your own, especially if the injuries you suffer are severe. Keeping the following tips in mind if you have been injured while at work may be critical in ensuring that your workers’ compensation case goes smoothly:

Tip #1: Report the Injury to Your Employer

When an injury is sustained, it’s important that your employer be notified immediately. They may be able to support you in the process to follow. Doing so, is an important aspect to ensuring that your workers’ compensation claim is approved should you require the assistance. By not reporting your injury immediately, your employer may question the validity of your claim. If your employer does not believe your injury was sustained at work, your workers’ comp claim may be denied. This can result in further complexities that may require an New York workers’ compensation lawyer’s services.

Tip #2: Immediately Seek Medical Treatment

Following an injury it’s important that you see a physician for medical care. Even if you believe your injury to be fairly minor, you may want to carefully weigh your options. The last thing any accident sufferer wants is to decline medical treatment only to discover serious problems later on. This may make it more difficult to obtain workers’ compensation. Not only that, failing to seek medical treatment may have a grave impact on your overall health. In addition, seeking medical treatment is likely to provide you with documentation that can support your workers’ compensation claim.

Tip #3: Keep Detailed Records

Even if everything appears to be moving along smoothly, it’s still important to keep detailed records. You never know when you may come up against a problem in obtaining your benefits. Your records may serve as key evidence later on. This can be indispensable when it comes to provide your claim and disputing a claim denial.

Tip #4: Consider an Attorney

Although there are a number of situations out there that may not require legal assistance, there are many circumstances that do. It may be a good idea to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in New York like Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. if:

  • You are unable to return to work due to your injuries
  • Your claim was denied
  • You required significant treatment for your injuries (such as surgery)
  • If you are asked to seek treatment from a specific doctor
  • Your benefits were reduced or stopped altogether

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, it’s all too common for problems to arise with your case. This may result in your claim being denied. If you find yourself at a crossroads with your claim, or are feeling completely overwhelmed with the process, we are here to help you. A New York workers’ compensation lawyer from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. comes with many years of experience in representing people who have been victim to work related accidents.