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Slip and Fall Injury Law Firm Queens NY Slip and Fall Injury Law Firm Queens NY


Not every slip and fall leads to serious injuries that require medical attention. Sometimes, people take a tumble and then simply get up, laugh at themselves, and keep going. But, being able to stand up injury-free doesn’t happen for everyone. A common injury that can happen after a slip and fall is severe knee damage. A slip and fall can cause the knee to twist in an unnatural way, or a person may fall directly onto their knees on the way down. Each knee injury is unique based on how the person fell, but in general, that person is probably going to need medical treatment. If you have been injured, contact a slip and fall injury law firm Queens, NY residents rely on to find out what legal options you may have.

Muscle/Tendon Sprains

A person who slipped and fell may have a muscle or tendon sprain, which usually happens when the ligaments get stretched beyond their capability. The ligament may not tear, but due to being put through stress, it can cause stiffness, pain, swelling, and bruising. The treatment for muscle/tendon sprains may entail rest, ice, compression, and elevation. For those with more severe cases of muscle/tendon sprains, a brace may be needed to immobilize the knee so it can heal properly. 

Knee Bone Fracture

The kneecap is designed to connect the frontal thigh muscles to the shinbone, while also safeguarding the knee joint. Kneecap bone fractures are rarer, but can happen and are extremely painful. Someone with a non-displaced knee bone fracture will not be able to apply weight on it until it heals, which can take upwards up eight weeks. Those who have a displaced knee bone may require surgery and physical therapy to recover. Consider calling a Queens NY slip and fall injury law firm if you are facing this type of recovery. 

ACL Injury

If the knee gets bent backwards in an unnatural way, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) can get damaged. During a slip and fall, the knee can get twisted, resulting in a popping sound that is often associated with an ACL injury. This kind of injury is really painful and a person is unlikely to be able to walk on that leg at all. The majority of ACL injuries need surgery and long-term recovery. 

Torn Ligaments

It is possible to tear a ligament in the knee because of a slip and fall. If the knee gets twisted while the foot stays stationary, the meniscus can get torn. Meniscus tears are also very painful, and symptoms can include restricted movement of the knee and intense pain. Depending on the sort of torn ligament sustained, it may heal on its own or require surgery. If someone has to undergo surgery, the procedure usually entails removing the knee cartilage, which means that person may have to manage permanent damage to their knee for the rest of their life. A slip and fall injury law firm Queens, NY can help you get damages for any losses this injury causes you.

As you can see, the knee can get seriously damaged in a slip and fall accident. Anyone who has recently been involved in such an incident and is now dealing with an injured knee is advised to get medical care and consult with a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Queens NY from a slip and fall injury law firm Queens, NY clients recommend if another party could have been at least partially responsible for what happened. Call Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. today.