On The Job Injury Attorney Hauppauge, NY On The Job Injury Attorney Hauppauge, NY

Have you been injured while working at your job in New York? If so, an on the job injury attorney Hauppauge, NY has to offer would like to speak with you. Call Polsky Shouldice & Rosen PC, right now.

In a perfect world, no one would be injured while working; however, accidents do happen. Regardless of whether you were injured due to the nature of the job scope, negligent actions of another coworker, or a freak accident, workers compensation benefits may be available.

New York laws mandate that every employer must have workers compensation insurance. In the event a worker is injured, or becomes ill, and will need time off work to recover, he or she can file a claim with the insurance company to receive compensation benefits. Depending on the facts of the case, and the applicable laws, these benefits may cover your medical care, lost wages, and in some cases, your travel costs. If you would like to speak with an on the job injury attorney Hauppauge, NY resident’s trust, please call our firm now.

The Legal Process

In order to recover maximum benefits, you will likely need the advice of an experienced on the job injury attorney Hauppauge, NY provides. A lawyer can explain your rights and how to take advantage of each and every one. A lawyer might also review your case to determine whether there are any further legal options. For example, is some cases, an injured worker can file for workers compensation along with a personal injury claim.

New York Workers Compensation

If you’ve been injured while working, the first source of compensation will be to file for workers comp benefits. This process will involve the following steps:

  • Get medical attention
  • Tell your doctor the incident happened at work
  • Notify your employer about the injury
  • File a workers compensation claim by filling out a special form
  • Save all of your medical bills and other related invoices
  • Call an on the job injury attorney in Hauppauge, NY

Workers compensation benefits are meant to cover medical care and lost income due to being unable to work. Unique to this form of compensation is that it is available regardless of who is at fault.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to recover all of the benefits you are entitled to. This could be a result of an improper denial of a claim or unreasonable expectations from the insurance company or your employer. It can help to have an on the job injury attorney Hauppauge, NY recommends on your side.

Personal Injury Lawsuits in Addition to Workers Comp

It is possible for some injured NY workers to file a personal injury lawsuit. This pathway is not often available, unless at least one of the following applies to your case:

  • The employer does not have workers compensation insurance
  • A third party is responsible for your injury

If you would like legal advice and assistance with your workers compensation claim, or believe you also have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit, an on the job injury attorney Hauppauge, NY community members rely on, such as Polsky Shouldice & Rosen PC, would like to speak with you.