NY On The Job Injury LawyerNY On The Job Injury Lawyer

Not everyone who is injured on the job will need a NY on the job injury lawyer to help them file a claim. If you have suffered an injury or illness while working, you might be wondering when is the right time to retain a lawyer and when can you get away without one? In general, the more severe your injuries are, and the more time you need off work, the more likely you will benefit from a NY on the job injury lawyer.

If you would like to know more about your ability to receive workers compensation benefits, or you need help to file a claim, please call Polsky Shouldice & Rosen PC for a consultation.

Workers compensation is a type of insurance policy that your employer is required to have. Following an on the job injury, it will be up to the insurance company to sign off on the claim and not your employer. Both you and your employer will need to submit various forms and information to the insurance company; afterwhich, they will investigate the case and make a decision on whether or not to provide you with benefits. As an on the job injury lawyer, we find that 50-60% of claims will be initially denied. Reasons for denial may include:

  • Insufficient information
  • Contradicting information or statements
  • Failure to notify your employer within a certain period of time
  • You’ve had an older injury
  • Failure to tell your doctor the injury happened at work

At  Polsky Shouldice & Rosen PC, we have helped thousands of clients in New York fight against overzealous insurance companies who are refusing to pay out benefits to an injured worker. We believe that insurance companies do have a right to investigate a case; however, they cannot deny a claim when sufficient evidence exists. It is our job to help you to prove your injury or illness through strong, undeniable evidence. Whether you’ve been denied workers comp or are fearful about filing for benefits on your own, please call a NY on the job injury lawyer from  Polsky Shouldice & Rosen PC.

Times That It May Be Okay to Represent Yourself

It is certainly possible that you don’t need a lawyer for your workers compensation claim. For example, if the following apply, you may be able to represent yourself. That said, it may be a good idea to confirm your decision with a NY on the job injury lawyer.

  • You will only miss a couple of days of work
  • Your injuries are not that serious

In the event of your employer denying the injury happened while you were working, you have been reprimanded, or fired, regardless of your injuries, please call  Polsky Shouldice & Rosen PC, right away.

When a New York Workers Compensation Lawyer May Be Warranted

There are times in which you will almost certainly want to have a good lawyer on your side, including:

  • You have suffered severe injuries
  • You will need surgery, rehabilitation, or other extensive treatment
  • You will be out of work for more than one week
  • Your employer or the insurance company is denying your claim
  • The insurance company is offering you a lowball settlement
  • It’s been more than 15 days since you filed and you have not heard anything
  • Your employer is retaliating against you
  • You are not legally allowed to work in the US, but have been injured on the job

Polsky Shouldice & Rosen PC, offers complimentary consultations to injured workers. To learn more about the workers compensation process, please call a NY on the job injury lawyer now.


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“I used Mark Polsky and his team to help with my worker’s comp case. He and his team are professional and were always looking out for my best interests. They were always available to answer any questions I had, and checked in on me frequently to see how I was feeling, and provided me with updates on my case. I highly recommend them.”
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