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New York Workplace Injury Lawyers New York Workplace Injury Lawyers

If you recently experienced a workplace injury, you should seek the help of New York workplace injury lawyer from Polsky, Shouldice, & Rosen, P.C. No one goes into work expecting to get injured. However, accidents in the workplace happen every day. Whether it’s due to a faulty machine or an employee’s own carelessness, these accidents can result in serious and life-threatening injuries. Our workplace injury lawyers in New York, NY have represented clients with various workplace injuries and helped them get justice.

Here are some of the most common injuries in the workplace.

Vehicle Accidents

Some occupations, like delivery driving and bus driving, require employees to operate a vehicle on a daily basis. If they aren’t cautious while behind the wheel, they’re in danger of getting into accidents. Collisions with other vehicles can lead to traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones and other severe injuries. It’s important for employees to receive proper training on how to operate the company vehicle before they get behind the wheel.

Machine Entanglement

In factories, employees use various heavy machine every day. While these machines help them complete their tasks more efficiently, they can increase the risk of life-threatening injuries if not used correctly. They are at risk of getting their fingers, clothes, and hair caught in a machine. To minimize these accidents, it’s important for employees to avoid wearing loose clothing and jewelry and put on protective equipment.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries are temporary or permanent injuries to the muscles, nerves and ligaments in the hands and wrists. They occur when workers repeat the same movements over and over. These injuries are more common among assembly line workers, cashiers and office workers. New York workplace injury lawyers know it’s critical for employers to show workers how to use ergonomic equipment properly to reduce the risk of these injuries.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are especially common in employee break rooms. Employees may spill water, juice, or other liquids on the floors and forget to clean it up. When this happens, others are in danger of slipping and falling and getting seriously hurt. Employees should take the time to clean up their spills immediately to prevent these types of accidents.

Falling Object Injuries

These types of injuries occur when objects fall from shelves and hit employees. Head injuries are one of the most common injuries that result from falling objects. Items should be secured carefully on shelves and employees should wear protective gear like hard hats to protect themselves.

Falling from Heights

These types of accidents occur on elevated areas, such as ladders and roofs. Employees who fall from high areas are in danger of suffering traumatic brain injuries and other life-threatening injuries. To avoid these accidents, workers should wear the proper gear and exercise caution when working on elevated areas.

See How New York Workplace Injury Lawyers Can Help You!

If you were injured at work, you have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim. The New York workplace injury lawyers from Polsky, Shouldice, & Rosen, P.C. have helped many workers like you obtain compensation for their injuries and want to help you get justice; call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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