I Got Injured At Work! Jobs With The Most Injuries

Riskiest Jobs In The US

Have you been injured at work? You’re not the first person and you definitely won’t be the last. No matter how hard your bosses work to protect you from being injured, accidents in the workplace happen.

i got injured at work: construction workers lifting wood

These injuries could happen from simple slip and fall accidents or from construction accidents. They could be repititive stress injuries from doing the same motions over and over, or injuries from working in a hospital.

Regardless of where you work, there is a chance you can get sick or injured at work. But some jobs are riskier than others – and some of the riskier jobs might surpirse you (see the most common workplace injuries).

I Got Injured At Work: Do You Work In A Risky Job?

According to a 2013 study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, you are more likely to be injured at work or involved in a workplace accident if you work in certain jobs. Here are the top 10 jobs with the most injuries:

1. Nursing and Residential Care Facility Worker (State Government Jobs)

Rate of injuries and illnesses: 13.7 per 100 workers

Isn’t it ironic that people who protect the health of others are most likely to get hurt or ill because of their job? You might think getting sick is obvious because they are always around sick people, but they also have physical problems too.

Healthcare workers face challenging physical tasks everyday, that lead to them picking up many different types of injuries. For example, nurses may have to lift and move patients that are heavier than them every day.



2. Pet and Pet Supply Store Worker

Rate of injuries and illnesses: 11.8 per 100 workers

Are you surprised to see this job on the list? Working in a pet shop probably doesn’t seem like the most dangerous type of work. But not only can people who work with pets be injured by animals, they may can also get injured by moving heavy objects, such as bags of food and supplies.

3. Police Officer

Rate of injuries and illnesses: 11.5 per 100 workers

Every time a police officer goes on duty, they face very real on-the-job risks. They have a dangerous job and never know what to expect from one day to the next. From chasing down suspects to driving at high speeds, cops have a lot of opportunities for injury.

4. Firefighter

Rate of injuries and illnesses: 11.2 per 100 workers

As with police officers, risk is a big part of a firefighters job. Smoke inhalation and burns are just a few of the possible hazards they face everyday on the job.

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5. Veterinarian/Veterinary Service Worker

Rate of injuries and illnesses: 11.0 per 100 workers

Being around animals, often sick ones, is risky business for vets and their teams. Vets can overexert themselves moving heavy animals or be injured by an uncooperative pet.

6. Skiing Facility Worker

Rate of injuries and illnesses: 10.1 per 100 workers

Any job that involves moving down the side of a mountain at high speeds is enough to put anyone at risk. Even well trained skiers and seasoned pros are not immune to injuries. Especially when mother nature has her way.

 i got injured at work: skiing down a mountain

Joint 7. Truss Manufacturer

Rate of injuries and illnesses: 9.9 per 100 workers

People who make trusses (the beams commonly used in homes, offices and on bridges) have a dangerous job. They work with heavy objects every single day and also face injuries from the heavy duty machinery they use for their job.

Joint 7. Iron Foundry Worker

Rate of injuries and illnesses: 9.9 per 100 workers

This job ties for the 7th riskiest job in America with truss manufacturers. Foundry workers deal with complex machinery, hot metal and other potential hazards when they make iron castings and molded iron products. All of these elements combined make their job one that is prone to injury.

9. Recreational and Vacation Camp Worker

Rate of injuries and illnesses: 9.6 per 100 workers

While making sure campers have fun, many camp workers can get injured. These injuries can be caused by high-impact activities and taking part in many different types of sport. These workers can also get hurt due to outdoor elements, like rugged terrain or from camp fires.


10. Travel Trailer and Camper Manufacturer

Rate of injuries and illnesses: 9.3 per 100 workers

Like any job in the manufacturing sector, a job as a travel trailer and camper manufacturer carries high risks. Using complex machinery and working with heavy parts are just two sources of potential injury.

Have You Been Injured at Work?

If you have been hurt while working, you may be entitled toworkers’ compensation benefits. These benefits will help pay your medical bills and cover any lost wages you may have from time you need to take off work to recover.

Find out of you’re eligible to claim workers’ compensation benefits in New York.

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