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Injured at Work? Finding Lost Money From A Past Injury

Have You Been Injured Before?

Is this the first time you have been injured at work? This is the first question we ask anybody who comes to us with a potential Workers’ Compensation claim. You would be surprised how many people have previously been injured while working and have no idea they are entitled to some form of compensation. Let us give you the perfect example…

 Arm Injury

The Accident Prone Plumber

In June 2014, we were contacted by a client who had been injured at work and urgently needed surgery. The client was a plumber working for the New York City Transit Authority. He had been involved in an accident at work in which he injured his right arm. He was unable to work, faced costly medical bills and his doctor advised him that he could be entitled to Workers’ Compensation.

As always, when he came in for a consultation the first question we asked to get his Workers’ Compensation claim process started was “is this the first time you have been injured while at work?”

He quickly realized he had been injured while working 6 years earlier in 2008. Back then he injured his knee and although he had been paid (very little) for lost time, as he had been unable to work, he never received any form ofWorkers’ Compensation. This was Workers’ Compensation he was rightly entitled to.

The 6 Year Old Claim

After his 2008 accident, the client needed two knee surgeries to treat his injury. He had paid all of his own medical fees and made the mistake of thinking that the little pay he received for lost time while out of work was all he was entitled to. After hearing about his injury and gathering all of the facts, we were sure he had a valid claim and was eligable for Workers’ Compensation, despite the fact that the injury had taken place 6 years earlier.

Based on the facts, we filed a Workers’ Compensation claim on behalf of the client. Within six months of this filing, the claim was settled.

What We Got

The client was awarded Workers’ Compensation benefits in excess of $35,000. This was money he was entitled to but would have never been aware of had we not asked him that one question. In addition to being awarded over $35,000 in benefits, the client was also awarded permanent health protection for life and full medical coverage on the knee that had been injured, just in case he has problems in the future.

The clients case from 2014 is still ongoing. To date, we have got all of his medical expenses covered and this claim is expected to be settled in early 2015.

Medical Expenses

Looking Out For You

Here at PSR we like to look out for our clients. We want to make sure you are know your rights and know what you are entitled to.

In the past, we have seen many different clients who have Workers’ Compensation cases (see the most common Workers’ Compensation injuries) and are entitled to some form of compensation, but they are completely unaware of it.

workers' comp claims process

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