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Effective Treatment for Spinal Injuries

As a workers comp lawyer Milwaukee WI trusts can tell you, spinal injuries incurred in the workplace are all too common. For the victim, it can be an uncertain and terrifying road to recovery with many questions along the way. Treatment methods for spinal injuries vary depending on the extent of the injury, the exact nature of the injury, and the treatment strategy that the patient’s doctor. Due to the typically serious nature of spinal injuries, it is often in the victim’s best interest to hire a workers compensation lawyer.

Diagnosis of a Spinal Injury

After a serious workplace injury, the employee should seek immediate medical attention. To qualify for workers compensation benefits, the employee must go to an approved physician. After a medical exam, if the physician or a specialist to whom the patient is referred determines that the victim suffered a spinal cord injury, they may be eligible for benefits. A workers compensation lawyer can review your case and confirm your eligibility.

Treatment for Spinal Injuries

Medical technology is constantly improving and developing new techniques. However, severe damage to the spinal cord cannot be reversed at this time. Spinal cord injuries are usually treated to prevent them from fatally injuring the victim.

  • Accident location treatment. Emergency responders will immobilize the spine with a rigid carrying board and a rigid neck collar while the victim is transported to the emergency room.
  • Emergency room treatment. Medical personnel will make efforts to make sure the patient is able to breathe, does not go into shock, and their neck is not able to move in order to prevent additional damage.
  • Additional treatment will make efforts to avoid complications, including blood clot formations.
  • Medications may be used to help treat the patient.
  • Traction may be used to stabilize the patient’s spine and/or to bring it into alignment.
  • Surgery may be necessary to remove bone fragments, herniated discs, fractured vertebrae, or foreign objects that may be pressing against the spine. It can also be used to stabilize the spine to keep it aligned and prevent future pain.
  • Rehabilitation can help the victim, especially if it’s begun in the early stages. Rehabilitation may include services provided by a physical therapist, a rehabilitation psychologist, a rehabilitation nurse, a social worker, and many others.

Protect Your Rights

Spinal injuries can be life changing and catastrophic. If you are a victim of a workplace accident and sustained such an injury, you may need the help of a workers compensation lawyer to ensure your rights are protected. We can help you receive the maximum possible amount of benefits. If you suffered a serious spinal injury from a workplace accident, call an attorney today for a consult with a trusted workers compensation lawyer.

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