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Best Ways to Promote a Safe Construction Worksite

Best Ways to Promote a Safe Construction Worksite

When the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that one in five work-related fatalities during 2016 occurred in the construction industry, many Americans were shocked. However, it is unlikely that many construction workers or workers compensation lawyers were surprised. To work on a construction site means risking your safety and wellbeing on a regular basis. Because even though the construction industry is heavily regulated, not every site manager and employer approach worker safety with a seriousness of purpose. And unfortunately, even conscientious employers may not be able to protect their workers from every conceivable hazard.

Construction sites are dangerous partially because they play host to dangerous equipment, toxic substances, and unstable surfaces. In addition, many construction sites require that work is conducted at dangerous heights or deep in trenches. Safety challenges are essentially inevitable when working on a construction site. It is therefore critical that potential safety hazards are treated with caution and respect. And thankfully, there are many ways that both site managers and workers alike can help to ensure that potentially severe accident risks are significantly mitigated.  

Education and Communication

Perhaps the most critical safety precaution that safety may be effectively promoted on construction sites is ensuring that safety information is accessible and understandable. Not every worker speaks English, not every worker reads well, and not every worker has the luxury of time to research safety protocols. In addition to trainings conducted in clear and understandable ways, regular reminders of the most pressing safety information should be posted in accessible places and should feature diagrams and illustrations when possible. Construction workers generally understand that their jobs are hazardous. When they are given proper access to safety information, they are therefore likely to pay attention to it.

It is also worth noting that workers who feel that they can have open communication with management are more likely to remain receptive to safety messages and trainings. A great deal of research supports the idea that productive communication between workers and management leads to a safer and more profitable workplace. When workers either fear their employers or find them to be inaccessible, safety tends to suffer.

By making safety-related information understandable and accessible, promoting strong and effective communication between management and workers and setting expectations that safety will be a priority on your site, it is possible to mitigate potential safety risks by a significant degree.

Contact a New York Workers Compensation Lawyer for Help

If you have questions about worker safety regulations or you have recently been injured while working on a construction site, please consider reaching out to an experienced workers compensation lawyer from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. Lawyers who specialize in workers’ compensation and/or personal injury will be able to advise you of any legal options available to you and/or direct you to important resources that may benefit your current situation. It is important to consult with a New York workers compensation lawyer as soon as you are in need of legal counsel as waiting could lead to negative consequences including a lessening of available legal options related to your circumstances.