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Queens NY Slip and Fall Injury Law Firm

Slip and Fall Injury Law Firm Queens NYAfter being injured in a slip and fall, you might feel uncertainty about whether or not you can afford the medical costs and treatment. Questions about the ability to return to work, or whether your family will make it through the financial turbulence might distract you from your recovery. A Queens NY slip and fall lawyer of Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. understands what you are going through. For years, we have helped clients who have been injured in a slip and fall recover every bit of compensation New York laws allow for. As a result, you can focus on healing and recovery. 

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Common Causes of a Slip and Fall Accident

A slip and fall can occur in nearly anyplace, and for a number of reasons. Some of the accidents are completely unpreventable, but often they are the result of a property owner who fails to take reasonable measures to ensure guests or visitors of the premises are safe. Our slip and fall accident lawyer Queens NY clients turn to have tenaciously defended, and won compensation, for clients who were injured because of the following:

Ice and Snow – Black ice is a common cause of a slip and fall during the winter. Owners and property managers have a duty to clear walkways and parking lots within a reasonable time. If they fail to do so, and a person is injured because of a slip and fall, it may be considered negligence. 

Defective Elevators – A fall down an elevator shaft can be catastrophic; often resulting in severe injuries or a fatality. These can be prevented with the right maintenance so that the doors of an elevator do not open without the elevator being present. 

Wet or Slippery Floors – When a floor has been mopped, waxed, or cleaned, a warning sign should be left to indicate the potential hazard. 

Lack of Guardrails – It is essential for a stairwell or balcony to have secure guardrails of proper height. If these do not exist, and a slip and fall from a considerable height occurs, you should consult a slip and fall lawyer in Queens NY. 

Improper Maintenance – Many slip and falls happen because of debris and hazards left on stairways, in hallways, and on outdoor pavement. Cords, boxes, uneven floors or sidewalks, and potholes can all cause a preventable slip and fall.

Why Choose Us to Be Your Slip and Fall Lawyer

Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. is known throughout the Queens NY community, and respected for our outreach, support, and proven results. By choosing our firm to be your legal advocate, you can take a sigh of relief in knowing that we:

  • Will provide you with honest legal representation
  • Strive to listen to everything you have to say
  • Can offer you a shoulder to lean on
  • Have extensive resources to call upon
  • May be able to arrange a medical lien
  • Prepare all slip and fall claims as if they were going to trial
  • Often settle for maximum compensation through negotiations
  • Have the necessary experience needed to fight and defend slip and fall claims and lawsuits
  • Handle 99% of cases on a contingency fee basis

Let Us Be Your Legal Voice

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